Frequently Asked Question

Q : Who are you?
A : I am Anjani Disti Ulibtari. Most of my friends call me Anjani. If you want to know more about me, please read my personal page here.

Q : Where are you from?
A : Jakarta, Indonesia

Q : How old are you?
A : As I'm writing this, I am 22 years old.

Q : Love life?
A : I would like to keep that information private. Thank you :)

Q : Any hobbies?
A : Cooking, reading, writing, singing, drawing, rhyming ...

Q : Interest?
A : Food! Most times. I can't help it if it comes to food. But fashion, photography, interior design and architectures surely attract me a lot.

Q : Are you really a dentist?
A : Soon to be a dentist actually. I am currently a co-assistant at one of private university in dentistry major.

Q : I love your cooking! Where I can buy them?
A : Thank you and I love you! You can drop any questions about my cooking to

Q : You seems busy. Why are you still blogging?
A : Like I said before, I love to write. And writing in this blog somehow soothes me. I can write anything I want without people judging. Every post in this blog is an expression of my deepest thoughts and feelings. Other than that, this is just another way I'm keeping memories about myself.

Q : Pick one! Becoming a successful dentist, having a diner, a closet full of your favorite fashion stuff or designing and building your own home?
A : Let's just pretend I never saw this question.

Q : Do I know you?
A : Maybe not, but I surely would love to know you :)