So I Guess I'll See You Soon

12:34 AM

Is This How It Feels Like In Hong Kong?

12:38 PM

A Bamboo Full of Disappointment

8:31 PM

Another Nice Japanese Restaurant

10:40 PM

Fook-in Yew-my

10:59 PM

Historia Histeria

9:24 AM

It Should Be Ten Instead of Nine

10:44 PM

Billiechick is Not My .......

9:59 AM


10:49 PM

I Think I'm at Grandma's House

9:30 PM

Sushi Night

9:37 PM

(Literally) Shiok!

8:55 PM

(Supposed To) Turn Your World Upside Down

9:15 PM

Precious Pancious

11:00 PM

Being a Baker is not a Sin

8:22 PM

Ex-steam-mely Disappointing

9:47 PM

Oat Cake Never Felt So Good

7:23 PM

Multitasker Ice Cream

6:26 PM

Makes You Go De-Zing!

11:20 PM

Holycrap! It's Holy Crab!

7:52 PM

Squid Ink Noodle? Yuck or Yum?

8:39 PM

Lelah dengan Sederhana

11:33 PM

Seratus Hari

12:04 AM

Jani's Kitchen

9:04 PM

Sesosok Pria

2:29 PM