The Author

My name is Anjani Disti Ulibtari. I rather use my middle name for most all of my social media platforms. I only use my last name on legal paper etc because most people misspelled it and messed up the whole system. Most of my friends call me An, Nja, Njan, Ni, Jan, and many other silly nicknames. But if you see me on the street working part time as a beggar, please call me Anjani. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on 5th of July 1992. I am the first daughter of two in my family. I have a younger brother with a 3 years old gap between. We fight and we tease but still I love my brother so much.

I am a dentistry student co-assistant in one of private university in Jakarta, Indonesia. Life as a co-assistant is not as easy as it seems. You deal with patient, lecturer, journals and everything else. But as far as I know, everything is good and I hope I can finish my study early 2015. And oh  by the way, if you want me to take care of your tooth feel free to ask me about it :)

I always love food probably since the day I was born. I'm not exactly a food blogger or food critique all the way. I just want to share the food from my point of view. After all I'm just a food enthusiast who eager to know about everything about that food. From the ingredients, process of making it, decorating, presentation until the first bite in my mouth. And that brings us to the reason why I start to take cooking seriously. I don't want just enjoy the food, I want to experience the whole process. Those delicious foodie experience definitely show that I love to eat. Well, you know what they say. Never trust a skinny chef cook.

Fashion industry has always caught my eye. I want to be somewhere between those use-able clothes and super weird high fashion stuffs. Not that I always put on total look everywhere I go, but I fully aware when to dress up and when to tone it down a little bit. After all we live in a society that being different is sometimes ... just ... well you know.

I have been writing and sharing about my life in this blog since early 2009. Back then, my blog was about my stressful life as I was going to face the senior high school 'Ujian Nasional'. But I made it through with some up and down that change this blog format completely. The format changing comes a few times, I was very 'labil' had a lots of up and down back then. Until on late 2013, I decided that this is my final blog format and somehow I super duper lovin' it. And still keeping it even though the posting didn't come as often as I want but I really do try my best to write.

Writing has become a medicine to me. I can write everything I want and pour every emotion that I feel without people knowing the truth in every single word of it. I can be anyone. Maybe that's why it's addictive.

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