Squid Ink Noodle? Yuck or Yum?

8:39 PM

 I always doubt every dish that contains squid ink in it. Most of 'em taste horrible and I end up disappointed. But a friend of mine convince me to try this Mi Item and I'm not disappointed at all.

I ordered Mi Item with Tom Yum Soup and Pineapple Passion Honey, they were BEYOND GOOD! There were no strange squid ink smell at all and somehow the noodles has this chewy texture which I really love. I asked the waitress about it and turns out the noodles not only contain squid ink but also the squid itself. As for a squid lovers, I'm gonna give a standing applause to this noodles.

And don't forget about the soup, oh my GOD! Perfect balance of sour and spicy, something to freshen you up after a long day at work. They also gave a generous amount of prawns, squids, fish and mushrooms in the dish. To be honest I kinda confused how come they made such a great dish like this. As for the drinks (Pineapple Passion Honey), I find it a little bit too sweet at the beginning. But as the ice melts I think it was quite nice. Sometimes a drinks that contain pineapple in it leave that itchy feeling in your throat but not with this one.

Let's move on to their desserts selection. I was thinking to have Baked Hot Chocolate Cake that night, sadly the waitress said they didn't have it at the moment. They suggest the Flourless Chocolate Cake to me and I just go for it. It's a recommendation, it should be good right?

The chocolate flourless cake was quite nice, actually. I thought it was going to be weird since it has no flour in it, but it was moist and crumbly in a beautiful way. The cake itself was lack of sweetness that needed in a cake but since it was served with an ice cream, I realize why it's made that way.

Mi Item definitely set aside my doubt about squid ink. And I will surely come again to try their other dishes. I heard their aglio olio worth to try too.


Kota Kasablanka Mall, 2nd Floor
Jl. Casablanca Raya, Tebet, Jakarta
(+62) 21 296 12 730

Food          : 4/5
Ambiance  : 4/5
Price          : 5/5
Service      : 3/5

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