Holycrap! It's Holy Crab!

7:52 PM

Some people might say that Holy Crab is unique because of their serving. They pour our food to our tables (covered in some changeable plastics) and we eat the crab by our hands. When I heard about this, first thing comes in my mind was: Hell yeah! This is the proper way to eat seafood!

Even with a tiny looking restaurant, you won't hard to find it since they have a big crab sign outside. Prepare yourself with extra cash to pay the valet parking service because they don't have much parking space.

My friend and I tried their Mud Crab with Cajun Sauce since they have this promotion (buy 1 get 1 free Mud Crab, every Monday to Thursday in November from 5PM to 10PM) and both my friend and I couldn't resist anything when it comes to promotion. We add some corn and cajun fries to our dinner that night. And when the waitress come with our bucket, we can't wait to get our hands dirty.

I have high expectations on seafood. They should be fresh, no exception. And this one was definitely fresh as if they have their own ocean on their backyard. The cajun sauce was superb! But somehow the cajun sauce didn't mix well with the crab meat. It was like they boiled the crab then pour the sauce all over it. A little bit disappointed but still overjoyed with the freshness of the crab.

Star of the night for us was the Cajun Fries. Perfectly cooked and perfect level of crispiness. We just couldn't stop munching those fries! Even we ordered for some more and gone just within a minute.

Over all we were satisfied eventhough a little bit shock when the bill came. The crab price was based on their weight. It was Rp45.000,- per 100grams. We didn't remember the waitress told us about the crab weight and it cost us Rp315.000,- for the crab. Since they have this promotion, we don't mind to pay that much for two crab. But if there were no promotion, I would think twice to pay that much without the waitress telling me how much the crab weights.

I will definitely come back to this place and recommend it to my friends. But at some point they need to improve their service, especially about the crab weight. Maybe they can weight the crab and show it to the customer first before they cooked it or maybe we can bring our own crab (?).


The Holy Crab
Jl. Gunawarman no 55
Senopati, Jakarta
(+62) 21 292 36 155

Food         : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5
Price         : 4/5
Service     : 3/5

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