Makes You Go De-Zing!

11:20 PM

Indomie and martabak is two of Indonesia's finest comfort food to eat at anytime and anywhere. I always end up munching these two whenever I had those sad and sappy days. I never bought or ate them from the same street food vendor since there was no street food vendor that providing this two menu. There's always a martabak vendor and indomie vendor, but never martabak and indomie vendor. Oh wait! Bazinga does.

It was quite hard to find this vendor since there is this huge tree blocking their sign from the street. Ask the people around they surely know about this place. It was a unique semi street food/food truck vendor. They sell and cook the food inside this huge cargo box and the dining area is on top of that. The place and ambiance was quite lovely. They put little lights above us and plastic flowers in each table to make that semi romantic feelings.

I tried their Martabak Ovomaltine, Martabak Green Tea Madness and Indomie Rebus Spicy Bingits level 2. They said level is spicy but for me it was not spicy at all. The Indomie came with some greens, pangsit and eggs. For me it was a little bit undercook (I prefer slightly overcooked for Indomie rebus). Everything else was just all that usual stuff that taste in between okay or I'm-just-freakin'-hungry-I-don't-know-either-this-is-good-or-not. And since I was eating it right after the rain stops, it felt so good. Steamy hot indomie in this freezing cold day. Yum!

Kinda disappointed with the Martabak Ovomaltine though. I can't hardly taste the ovomaltine in it. My expectation was high since every dish that used ovomaltine as one of their ingredients supposed to be good. Shame. The award for the star of the night goes to Martabak Greentea Madness. It was RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS. I can't stop munching this beautiful mess and thinking that I probably already dead and I was actually in heaven. The bitterness of the greentea combined perfectly with the sweetness of condensed milk. Did I mention they were using kitkat greentea as a topping? It was not just one or two pieces of kitkat like other martabak vendors but they really really really really really gave a massive, I repeat MASSIVE, amount of kitkat on it. Man! I'm dying right now. Although it could be a little more thicker for the martabak base but I'm happy. It's a lot cheaper than the usual martabak greentea out there too, by the way.

Will there be a part 2 of Bazinga? Definitely. I will be back to try their level 3 Indomie and of course for their martabak greentea. Or maybe order some delivery cause they are very close to where I work. After all, who doesn't get that greentea fever? Whoop whoop *happy dance*


Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam No 57
Tebet, Jakarta
(+62) 21 945 94 544

Food         : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5
Price         : 5/5
Service     : 3/5

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  1. Ok, indomie seems to be a saucy but not soupy noodle dish with various toppings and martabak is a pancake with filling. Are those accurate descriptions?