A Day with Fellow Food Bloggers

2:00 PM

Exploring Jakarta is so useless. You'll get stuck in a bad traffic that can cause you a major stress, you have to prepare some extra cash for your fuel since it's already wasted a lot in the traffic and don't forget the pain through your whole body after a long day in a narrow car. It's just useless. Is there any way to prove that exploring Jakarta (visiting some great place of interest) in one day is possible and not a waste of time?

If you followed my twitter account, you must be know that I won the weekly "Toyota My Agya My Style" competition. Happy? Super! I was never lucky if it comes about competition but this time I won. Well ... I was aiming for the bigger prize actually but I think this one was way much better than the main prize. What did I won exactly? A day off with fellow kind but crazy food bloggers accompanied by the awesome Toyota Agya. Once again thanks to Toyota, I met another food bloggers and we really really had so much fun that day.

Soya picked me up at my house around 10 AM, after that we went straight ahead to Lia's house at Kelapa Gading area. We thought Sunday will be the best day for a day off because the traffic would be more "friendly" but turned out we stuck in a major traffic. So glad that Toyota Agya has this high tech audio system which also includes the AUX port. So we can easily plugged our iPod to listen to our favorite music and sing along to it. Traffic? I don't care.

After a long discussion we decided to go to the The Cat Cabin at Kemang for our first stop. On our way to Kemang, Lia couldn't stop talking about how spacious the back seat was and I couldn't agree more. I heard that the passenger seat was a new model that made specially for Toyota Agya. The passenger seat was so spacious that it could fit for three people. Well ... if the passenger as big as I am maybe it just fit for two but seriously look how spacious it was!

It was already around 2PM when we arrived at The Cat Cabin Kemang. The rates was IDR 50K for the first hour inside the cabin and extra IDR 30K for the next hour. I personally thought it was quite expensive but since none of us been there before, we thought why not. The cats was so cute! Too bad it was their nap time so some of them was sleeping when we were there.

Since it was already 3PM and we haven't eat anything we decided to order some food. We ordered the Gyu Tan Don, Salmon Miso Don and Beef & Garlic Yakimeshi Don. I'm not a big fan of the food but it was okay. Maybe if they could add some spices in it it could be elevate the flavor and make it much better. By the way, there will be another post talking about The Cat Cabin. I will be talking all about The Cat Cabin details there. So if you want to know more about The Cat Cabin, keep checking back this blog :)

Still hungry and still wanting to take some good pictures, we were confused where else to go. Soya suggest to go to Talaga Sampireun at Ancol. We could enjoy the sunset and had a great dinner too he said. So there we are rushing the Toyota Agya to Ancol trying to chase the sunset. By the way did you know that Toyota Agya was completed by Dual SRS Airbag? So no need to worry about the safety issues in this car, super safe guaranteed.

We arrived there early and we decided to get some "Me Our Time" with the Toyota Agya. We park our car and we start taking pictures of the car. I just realized that we used the TRD S type and I just keep on falling in love with Toyota Agya. Look at those sideskirt that specially made for the TRD S type with a TRD S side sticker on it. It brings a sporty feels to the car.

I mean come on man! Besides the very economical in fuel consumption, Toyota Agya definitely will be my number one car choice. Starting from the front, they put a Toyota Agya symbol that make the car looks expensive and luxurious. And also not to mention the sexy front and back light design.

Lia and I thought the baggage cabin was very spacious too but we were out of ideas on how to prove it. We had this 'evil plan' to put Soya in the baggage cabin. We almost put Soya in the baggage cabin but somehow end up with me sitting in the baggage cabin. And yes, it was truly spacious.

After Toyota Agya photo shoot session and after "enjoying" the sunset we immediately went to Talaga Sampireun since we were famished. We ordered so much and we ate like we haven't eat in a million years. Of course we eat those food after a long food photo session. I wonder how the three of us stand the delicious smell from the food and keep taking pictures even though deep down we knew we were extremely hungry.

The food was yumm but more like mediocre for a Sundanese Restaurant, I think. It was all spicy and since I have a gastric problem, I can't really enjoy my dinner due to the abdominal pain. But still there will be another blog post about Talaga Sampireun. Be sure to check back on the blog.

In the end of the day, the fuel consumption was just reduced four bars. Once again, HOW AMAZING IS THAT? We start our journey from Kemang (Soya's house)-Radio Dalam (my house)-Kelapa Gading (Lia's House)-Kemang (The Cat Cabin)-Ancol (Talaga Sampireun plus strolling around Ancol before the sunset)-Kelapa Gading-Radio Dalam and then Kemang. Like seriously how economical is that?

In conclusion, the three of us really had a great time together. Even though there were some up and down along the way but still I appreciate the great time we shared. Again, it's always good to meet new friends. Until we meet again Soya and Lia :)

P.S :
1. Huge thanks to IDFB and Toyota Agya for this opportunity
2. All of our activities that day was recorded and soon to be uploaded on Toyota's Youtube Channel. Will update about it.
3. Check out other food blogger experience about this activities from their POV here (Lia's) and here (Soya's)

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