Hidden (Coffee) Gems

11:53 PM

As you all can see, I can never say no to food. Whoever ask me to come along, wherever they took me, whatever I'm going to eat, there's a 99% I will say yes to it. So when the Pergi Kuliner team asked me to go on a culinary trip (again) with them, you definitely know what I'm about to say.

We had another culinary trip on Sunday 17th of May 2015. This time we went to 9 different places to eat eat and eat. Yep! That's why I love food hunting with another foodie(s), they take food seriously and they really really LOVE food! Well ... the other foodies went to 10 places actually. I had to work on Sunday morning so I missed the first place they went. But no need to worry! Nine places in a day with them was amazing too. Now let's start with my first stop, Goni Coffee at Kemang.

Goni Coffee is a tiny coffee shop that become so popular nowadays. I'm curious about this coffee shop since I saw lots of their pictures on Instagram. People said even though they offer limited variety of coffee but they really concern about the quality in each cup of their coffee. Maybe that's why Goni Coffee instantly stole the coffee lovers heart and become one of the most popular coffee shop in Jakarta.

I love how small but cozy this coffee shop was. Goni Coffee is definitely built to make you feel super comfortable and spend a lot time inside or maybe outside. Yes they have outdoor seating too and I love it. I don't care about the heat and humidity in Jakarta, but I love the outdoor seating of Goni Coffee. Even sometimes you'll get annoyed by the kretekkretek sound of bajaj. The only thing I hate about this place is the fact that they don't have enough parking space.

I ordered the Ice Coffee Latte while my friends order the Hot Cappucino, Ice Mocha and Ice Green Tea Latte. The Ice Coffee Latte was good but as you all know, I'm not a coffee lover and I won't pretend that I understand about coffee making or whatsoever. So my opinion on the coffee would not be really matter but one thing for sure, the coffee was really really fragrant and I love how it fill up the room when brewed.

Zelda, a friend of mine who happen to be a coffee lover, said that she quite like the coffee. It was strong but in a good terms. On the other hand, Eka (my friend who can't live without coffee) said that the barista was cute.

In conclusion, I will definitely be coming back for another cup of coffee. To accompany me spend some time sitting and reading or maybe blogging for hours. Oh! I remember they have some finger food menu on board. Will be back to try it then ...


Goni Coffee
Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 no 20
Kemang, Jakarta
(+62) 21 297 04 981 ext 207

Food           : 3,5/5
Ambiance   : 4,5/5
Price           : 4/5
Service       : 3/5

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