Get Lost in Books and Coffee

10:39 PM

Who doesn't have a thing with books and coffee? Even though I'm not a much coffee lover myself, I do love to hang out at a coffee shop, sipping my coffee while reading books for hours. Yes, not just an hour or two. I could sit alone in the coffee shop for 5 hours minimum. For what? Anything! Starting from doing my paperwork, blogging, editing pictures, meeting but my favorite activity there is reading. So can you imagined the moment I came into this coffee shop? Yes. I fall in love, instantly.

Bookopi is like a hidden gems since it is located at one of the Kalibata City Square Apartment. It wasn't easy for me and my friends to find this place since none of us were familiar with this particular area. But all of those sweat paid off when we found this place.

Before we begin, I would like to say sorry due to lack of pictures. Since when we were there, most of the people seems busy with their laptop. I thought it wasn't right to walk around and take pictures because if I were them, I don't want to be disturb when I was busy. The interior brings up an old rustic ambiance to the coffee shop. Even my friend said she felt like she was in Hogwarts.

By the way I can't get my eyes off from the HUGE bookshelf. I'm not sure if we are allowed to read those books but I just can't help falling in love with it. But they provide some magazines and books for us to read too though. Some of the books provided seems interesting to me. I can't wait to come back here and read some books they provide :)

I ordered the Butterscotch Ice Latte plus Coffee Affogato and Roti Canay with Canary Palm Suiker for us to share. Not a big fan of this Butterscotch Ice Latte. It was more like ordinary ice latte without any special flavoring to it. I can't even taste the butterscotch in it. Maybe the coffee was too strong but I don't think so. I like the taste from the coffee though.

The coffee affogato was ....... coffee affogato. It was just an ordinary vanilla ice cream poured with coffee. Still nice for a hot weather like that day though.

I quite like the Roti Canay with Walnuts Palm Suiker. The walnuts was given generously and the palm suiker gives a good balance to it. Not too sweet but just perfect. The only disappointment was I think they used a prepacked roti canay for their dish because the roti canay wasn't really good. While the real roti canay supposed to be flaky and fringe like texture, this one was thick and dense. If only the could do something better with the roti canay, I definitely will come back for some more.

I may not really like the food/beverages here but I'm really sold to the ambiance they offer. Bookopi is definitely a hidden gems in the Kalibata area. If you're looking for a place where you can do your paperwork without any distraction, I think this is the right place. Either for doing some work or simply just hang out, Bookopi is definitely worth to visit.


Kalibata City Square, Tower S
Jl. Kalibata Raya No 1
Kalibata, Jakarta
(+62) 293 16 912

Food          : 2,5/5
Ambiance  : 5/5
Price          : 3/5
Service      : 3/5

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