Flowers ... Flowers Everywhere

1:05 AM

Banyak bungaaa bungaaa .......
I feel free .......
Mau tiduran disini dulu deh .......

Okay, enough with those Syahrini jokes about flowers. Move on to the second stop for that day, Clea Tea Bar & Lounge which filled with flowers and by flowers I means lots of flowers. Banyak bunga-bunga ....... Bunga-bunga .......

Located at the busy Kemang Raya, Clea Tea Bar & Lounge was probably the one who started the florist and cafe trend in Jakarta. We kinda have a hard time finding this restaurant. Probably because the sign board was a little bit small to be recognized when you were focus on driving your car or maybe the placement of the sign board was just not in the right place. From the outside you can tell that this cafe is spacious and made for girls because of the beautiful flowers display on the window.

The first impression that I get when I entered the cafe is cold. Not the interior or anything but it was literally freezing. Well ... Maybe I'm exaggerate it but it really was cold for me. I think they lower the temperature to keep the flowers fresh. I love the fact that they have this semi green house inside and some glass window high above so the room filled with sunlight and creating beautiful shadows for taking pictures. I'm sold to this.

The florist area was not filled with much flowers as it supposed to be. I expected the green house filled with tons and tons of flowers. So much flowers that I can't even move, maybe. But having a few roses in every corner just fine for me. After all those roses was really gorgeous.

I ordered the Wagyu Fried Rice and Blackcurrant Mango Ice Tea, meanwhile my friends ordered the Prawn Spaghetti Scampi, Beef Udon, Club Sandwich and Rosa Chicken. The Prawn Spaghetti Scampi was an aglio olio filled with chili all over the plate. The spicy level was kickin' and makes the whole thing blends perfectly. Too bad the prawn given was in a very small amount.

Beef udon was delicious too. I forgot to take a picture of it but it was a bowl of Japanese udon with a few slices of beef and clear fragrant broth. I love the broth just by itself, so much flavor in it. As for the Rosa Chicken and Club Sandwich it was just okay for me.

My friend's order came out very fast but somehow mine took forever to come out. And when it came, it wasn't hot as I expected. I was hoping a nice warm fried rice for my lunch that day. The taste was just some mediocre fried rice although the wagyu was generously given and very tender, juicy and yumm for me. It's too bad that we can't order just the wagyu beef itself. As for the Blackcurrant Mango Ice Tea, I didn't really taste the mango in it at all. The blackcurrant was overpowering it so I can barely taste the mango in it. But overall I'm happy with the blackcurrant flavor comes from it.

Will I be back to Clea Tea Bar & Lounge? Definitely! Even maybe it's not for the slow services, I'll be back for the flowers and for those sexy shadow to take some pictures.


Clea Tea Bar & Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya no 95
(+62) 21 719 0232
(+62) 21 719 0083

Food          : 3,5/5
Ambiance  : 4/5
Price          : 3,5/5
Service      : 2,5/5

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