One Stop Culinary Garden

8:14 PM

I always love the concept of one stop service. In terms of food, it is more like a food court. Where you can get many food choices and try it just in one place. How precious is that? Especially when you come with your friends. You can share and explore food as much as you want. Same thing goes with this Garden Kuliner at Kalimalang.

Garden Kuliner is a huge outdoor area with a bunch of street food stalls. Well ... who doesn't fell into the mysterious appeal of street food stalls? I mean it. For some reasons street food always capture my heart and I always fall in love with the food they offer. Not to mention the cheap price (this is very important for a student like me). So gathering a bunch of street food stalls in one place? Damn! I'm in heaven! You can find lots of foods here starting from snacks, noodle, desserts even some of them offer sushi menu. My friends and I didn't try all of the food there but what we had that they was pretty nice.

We started with Bakmi Telur Level Wow from Berebut Bakmi stall. It was a noodle with some chicken, boiled egg, broth and some pangsit. The unique thing about Berebut Bakmi was they have this spiciness level for their noodle dish. We ordered the Wow Level which was like spicy-but-not-too-spicy level but it was damn spicy for me. Yes, I can't really stand spicy. However I like the fact that the spiciness comes from real chili not from pepper or bottled sambal. Despite the overpowering spicy flavor in it, I like how good it was when eaten with the broth.

Looking for some snacks to share, we decided to order some sausages from Gilkans stall. We ordered the 15cm bratwurst sausage in original and cheese flavor. I was expecting the cheese inside bratwurst sausage but it turns out the cheese was a shredded cheese (I suspected it was a cheddar cheese) on top of the sausage. And since I don't like cheese (particularly cheddar cheese) I didn't try this one. However the original bratwurst sausage was quite decent but wasn't something over the top to me.

Last but definitely not least, we also ordered the Coconut Ice Cream from Cafe Barong stall. We were curious about it since the first time we read it on the menu. It was a fresh coconut with three scoops of ice cream. I didn't expect anything from this dish because it sounds weird and look ugly as hell but it turned out yumm. I love how the ice cream blends with the coconut water. Bringing another unique taste and different flavor to my taste buds. I'm sold to this one. It was a cheap and good refreshment too.

Overall I'm happy with my visit here in Garden Kuliner Kalimalang. A street food gathered in one place can never go wrong. It really is a food heaven for everyone!


Garden Kuliner
Jl. Jatiwaringin no 1
Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur

Food          : 3,5/5
Ambiance  : 3/5
Price          : 4/5
Service      : 2,5/5

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