Kina Grannis Elements Tour : Jakarta

11:36 PM

Youtube has play a huge part in music industry these past few years. People use it to promote their music, so people from across the globe could see, like and eventually buy their music. And for that, I personally thank you to whoever invented Youtube in the first place. Not because I use it for promoting my work (well ... probably not yet for now). But thanks to Youtube, I have found so many good musicians from all around the world. And among those great musicians that I have found, there is this cute little woman named Kina Grannis.

Back then, no one knows her. I told my friend to listen to her music but none of them like it. Her songs was too upbeat, was too cheerful or simply because it was different from the rest of love song that exist. I don't care. As long as she make good music, I will listen to it. I've been listening to her ever since and last Wednesday I was lucky enough to see her live in Salihara Theater.

Kina Grannis is one of so many singer/artist that become popular through Youtube. I fell in love instantly with her since the first time I hear her song called 'Valentine'. Yes, it is a love song but not that kind of love song. It is more like a happy upbeat love song with a catchy guitar tune and funny lyrics. I personally thought she was crazy and brave enough to write that kind of love song, since at that time love song has always been written in a sad and mellow dramatic way. A good refreshment and a great breakthrough in this mean industry.

See? I told you her music was good great. I fell in love with her ever since the first time I heard this song. And thanks to Music Weekly Asia, I was able to see her live in Salihara Theater last Wednesday. So thank you Music Weekly Asia. My hands were literally shaking and I ran out of breath the moment you tweeted me about the free tickets. Once again, thank you.

I arrived at the Salihara Theater around 6.30PM and the gate was open at 7.30PM. I waited an hour in the garden (outside the theater), 'high five-ing' a group of happy mosquitoes because there were a lot of people to bite that night. Around 7.30PM, the gate opened by the security and I rushed myself to get inside since they said it will be a free seating. I need to save a good spot for Kina, you know.

The show started around 8PM with Imaginary Future and Gentle Bones as the opening act. Imaginary Future (whose real name is Jesse) is Kina's husband. They met in high school and fell in love and finally get married (can I get a massive aawe?). He's been singing with Kina a few times on Youtube. Here is my favorite one.

You can check other Imaginary Future song/video here. Meanwhile, Gentle Bones is a singer from Singapore. This is the first time I hear about him. And to be honest I kinda like his music. As soon as I get back to my house, the first thing I did is browsing about him. And here is my favorite song from Gentle Bones so far.

Go check their other song/video here. Moving on to the main artist, the one and only, Kina Grannis. As long as I remember she played around 13 songs plus another additional 2 at the end of the show. To be honest, I don't exactly remember all of her songs in the Elements album. I only know 'Dear River', 'The Fire', 'Forever Blue' and 'My Dear'. And I even don't know all the lyric of that songs (sorry Kina! Don't really have the time to memorize it). Thank God, she played my favorite 'Valentine' and 'In Your Arms'.

A quick fun fact about 'In Your Arms' video clip. Did you know that these video clip was made out of 288.000 jelly beans? Yep. Go check her Youtube channel here so you can watch the behind the scene of this video clip. And her performance would not be complete without a duet with her husband in 'I Knew This Would be Love'.

It was a night to remember. I love how warm, open, funny, and cute Kina Grannis in reality is. I know that she always replying to her fans on twitter and instagram etc but I never thought it is her real personality. I always thought it was just a way to gain more fans or whatsoever, but no it is the real Kina. Even some of the audience that night shout "Are you even real Kina?" and we were laugh along.

I just can't move on from that night or maybe I simply just don't want to. I love how close and intimate the ambiance inside the theater. The only thing I regret is the promoter didn't promote the concert as big/often as they should be. I remember I just knew about this concert two days before and I was shocked. And also the act/artist changing took so long that I get bored and sleepy. Not to mention all of the mosquitoes inside and outside the theater. They just can't stop flying around, bugging my friend and I. But on second thought, what do you expect from a theater that surrounded with a beautiful garden like Salihara? Few bugs won't hurt anyone tho'. Other than that, everything was spectacular to me. It was all paid off the moment I saw Kina's face on stage.

Kina definitely success asking every audience to be her valentine and made us want to lay in her arms forever. Thank you Kina, for an heart warming wonderful concert. Even though I didn't get the chance to meet you in person, I hope I can see you some time again soon. And also thank you to Elipsis Live for bringing Kina here. But most importantly, Music Weekly Asia for making my dreams come true. Thank you everyone :)

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