Snacks ... Snacks Everywhere

3:47 PM

Admit it, you won't survive a day without a snack in your hands. I personally think, a person who never snacking in their spare time (well for me, every time), is not enjoying their life. Like seriously! For me, snacking is an easiest and quickest way to lift up your mood in just a second. Either it's a chocolate bar, cookies, cupcake or even a whole cake. Either it's a heartbreak, stress or even just because you need one. Snacking is definitely something that I can't live without.

But with all those wide selection of snacks, I always end up so confused. Here in Indonesia, I feel like there is always a new snack around every single day (hyperbolic detect) and I always curious about them. Starting with the taste, the price, the ingredients but most of all the 'is it wort to buy?'. Thankfully there is a website that specializing in snack review, so I don't need to worry anymore.

Say hello to Lifull-produk. Lifull-produk is a website that provide you with the information about snack that sold around us and even the snack that you rarely seen before. They provide you the exact information starting from the ingredients, the price, the calories (and how amazing is that?). But the most important thing is they provide a review based on user experience. So you won't be fooled by it. Again, how amazing is that? Oh, please note that Lifull-produk is NOT selling the snacks. They just provide the information about the snacks.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a big wooden crate from the delivery guy. To be honest, I thought it was a bomb or something because I didn't expect any delivery that day. Turned out it was a packet full of snack from Lifull-produk. The crate itself was filled with:
That was a lot of snack, wasn't it? Seriously Lifull-produk, I can't say thank you enough for all of these snacks.

If you ask me which one of those snacks I like the most, I can't say it because I love each and everyone of it. And of course, I can't stop munching it and I won't share it to anyone (greedy me). But please do check each of those snack's review on the Lifull-produk's website so you get a clear and fair review about it and you don't have to be confused about which one to buy. I already put the product's information link above. So go ahead, move your cursor to one of the snacks above, click and check them out.

Oh by the way, they also having a giveaway for their member here. All you have to do is sign up on their website, apply the product you want and share it on your Facebook. Very easy isn't it?

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead to their website now and grab those snacks before the promotion runs out.

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