Lole - Collection Number TWO

8:13 PM

Finally, after a couple of months delay, the second collection of Lole is out! This second collection has more semi-formal yet fun vibe to it. You can tell by looking at the design and pattern that we chose. This time we create a collection that consists of a midi dress, 2 (two) tops, an outer vest and a jumpsuit.

OLINA TOPS is a satin long sleeve tops, with a little beads details in the chest and elastic rubber in the wrist area. This is my current favorite working tops. It can be worn as a long sleeve for a formal look or you can pull it up to your elbow for a relaxed look. They are available in MARIGOLD (something peachy and shimmery) and DARK BLUE. I usually pair it with a ripped jeans, patterned skirt or even a sarong.

KALEI TOPS is definitely a must have one! It is a two layered tops with a cross accent on the front. The tops consist of chiffon material on the inside and satin material on the outside. The pattern on the material is really beautiful! I love how it make you look playful yet graceful at the same time. They are available in OLIVE and BEIGE.

MAKA JUMPSUIT is my personal favorite. It is a tank top straight leg jumpsuit with an elastic waist and zipper on the back. I love how versatile it is. You can mix it with a shirt, an outer or just wear it as it is. We used very soft satin for this jumpsuit, so you don’t have to worry feeling hot wearing it. Well except you look so hot in it. The jumpsuit came in two color, DOVE (light blue) and CARAMEL (light brown).

NUI DRESS is our best seller at the moment. We already sold half of them just in a week! It is a midi straight dress with a tulle on the bottom. Just look how cute and gorgeous this dress is! We use the same satin material as the jumpsuit. The tulle is a soft tulle that flows along your every move. This dress come in GRAPE (light purple with a dark purple tulle) and ARMY (light green with a dark green tulle). Grab it fast, before it runs out!

And the last piece is HALIA OUTER, which is also my favorite. It is a knee length vest outer with a waterfall accent on the front and a detachable ribbon. The outer has an edgy feeling due to the cutting. I love to wear it with a turtle neck tops along with an embroidery jeans. It definitely step up your coolness level. In case you are more into a girly look, I recommend to wear it with a straight pants and a detailed tops. This outer has two color, GREY and PINK.

Go to our instagram page @hello.lole to see the full collection details. Kindly email us at or contact us through our official LINE account @vau4759l for any inquiries.


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