[Jakarta] Jakarta Biennale 2017 - JIWA

11:38 AM

Went to the Jakarta Biennale a couple of days ago to see some exhibition and installation by local artist. Surprisingly enjoyed it even though that day was extremely hot and the place where it’s held was in a huge warehouse with metal roof (which make the warehouse ten times hotter!). Here are some of favorites from the exhibition.

I am not and was never an art observer, but the installation was truly amazing. Even though I don’t really understand what was the meaning or story behind of each installation, I somehow can appreciate it in a simple way. I also love the fact that these installation got me some new ideas/concept/way of thinking dancing on my brain.

The Jakarta Biennale 2017 ends at 10th of December 2017. So if you want to check these installation come soon as it will end in just a couple of days. The exhibition is free of entrance but please note that you cannot bring any bag inside. However they provide you a place to store your stuffs.


Biennale 2017
Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem
Jl. Pancoran Timur II No 4
Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Exhibition date: 5 Nov – 10 Des 2017

For more info kindly check their website or instagram

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