10:56 PM


I know I've been a bad blogger for not writing as often as I should and I really am sorry, hereby I want to ask all of you for some apologies. I skipped the whole April without writing/posting any new post(s) even though I have so many things in my mind to share with. I really really am sorry.

Last month was busy as hell and full of shit in every moments that passed. As long as I remember, April was a month full of tears for me. No, it wasn't tears of joy. Yes, it was tears of sadness, depressions and heart-broken. Even though some great things happened and filled my days with joy and happiness, I still hate April for many unexplainable reasons.

Let's just say the 'Chapter : April' in my life book is closed and it was something that I never want to open or read again. For now let's just pray that May will be much more better in every single aspect.

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