[Jakarta] Socializing at the Social House

3:02 PM

I have a few close friends that I met at the university. It was mid-2009, we were in the same class, sitting in the same row. The next thing I know we become best friends ever since. No, we are not that kind of best friends who love each other, support each other or whatever best friends do to each other. We hate each other and we talk about each other. But by the end of the day we do anything for each other. A few weeks ago, we decided to catch up with each other lives by having lunch together at the Social House at Grand Indonesia.

We arrived just before lunch time. I thought this place would be packed with people, but it was quite empty for a famous place. The dining room divided to smoking and non-smoking room, however there is no room divider in between. So sometimes, you still can smell the smoke. The dining area has this modern and cool feeling to it. It was surrounded with tall shelves which filled with wine and decorations. They also have a small open kitchen area. So you can see and hear what is going on in the kitchen.

After an hour of arguing and waiting everyone to come, we ordered a Chicken Barbeque Pizza and Chicken Wings for sharing. The pizza was quite small but cut into 8 slices. It was d*mn good, I even ate 3 slices! It was the thin and crispy kind of pizza, which is my favorite kind! I love how generous the topping was. The barbeque sauce was given in the perfect portion, so it doesn’t overpowered everything. Other than the chicken, the pizza also topped with portabello mushroom. However the mushroom was a little bit dry out, I can’t really tell if it was a mushroom if I did a blind test.

As for the Chicken Wings, it has the sweet and spicy taste to it. I love how tender the chicken meat and how well marinated it was. I can taste the sauce inside the meat, not just on the outer part of it. On the side note, chicken wings is NOT A GOOD CHOICE to eat at a fancy restaurant. You cannot slice it with your knife, but it is not polite to eat with your hand when everyone else isn’t. So yeah, I hate the fact that I cannot eat the last piece of meat that sticking to the bone :(

I ordered an oven roasted barramundi. It was served with blue mussels, semi dried tomatoes, garlic potatoes with white wine and butter sauce. Yes, I felt fancy AF. While the potatoes was just fine, the barramundi and the blue mussels was lack of taste. It need just a tiny bit more of salt. However the white wine butter sauce brings the whole meal together and really makes everything taste different. Kudos to the chef who made such a wonderful sauce that bring a new meaning to the meals.

We also shared a good slice of chocolate cake for desserts. I forgot what the name was but it was quite good. The chocolate cake was moist, a little bit dense and full of chocolate flavor. The icing on top was a bit too sweet for me, but my friends seems like it. It also has chocolate and nutela drizzle under the cake piece, making all of us want to lick it away.

Despite all the smoke smell (I think we were seated very close to the smoking area), I love this place. Great food, great ambiance and not packed with people at the lunch time. Will I come again? Totally, especially for those yummy pizza and wings!


Social House
Grand Indonesia
Jl. M. H. Thamrin
Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
(+6221) 2358 1818

Opening hours: 10 AM – 11 PM

Food: 3,5/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 3/5

Service: 4/5

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