Lole - Apparel for Every Tale

6:59 PM

I always said that fashion is my secret passion and how I always wish that one day I could have my own clothing line.

Today, my dream came true.

A few months ago, my friend (instagram: @advanesha) and I meet up. We were talking and browsing through some online shop across instagram and I was complaining about how small the available sizing are. I was wishing there is an online shop that sells great, cute and beautiful clothes with a wide range of sizing. For your information, I wasn’t big enough to be considered plus size and wasn’t small enough to be in the normal size. Just somewhere in the middle.

Then randomly we both just like ‘ooh! I want to make this clothes on my size’, ‘Maybe if we add some bow or pleats or bla bla bla’, ‘I think it looks good on other color’ and so on. The next thing I know, we both designing some clothes and said ‘we should open our own clothing line’. Then voila! That is how this is all happen.

As we looked everywhere to find the perfect name for our line, I bumped into ‘Lole’ words. Lole is a Hawaiian words which means clothes. I kinda like the name and so does my friend. Furthermore, we decided to put Hawaiian theme in our clothing line.

Why choosing Hawaiian theme? Every time I think about Hawaii, I always feel happy. It is already set up in my mind, that Hawaii is a beautiful place with a gorgeous landscape, cheerful people, graceful tradition and yet somehow mysterious in every parts. I never been to Hawaii before, but at least that is what I came in my mind every time I hear Hawaii. And somehow the word Hawaii make me feel really happy. We wish the same thing goes with our clothing line. We want our clothing line to be gorgeous, cheerful, graceful yet mysterious. So yeah, that is why we decided to use Hawaii as our main theme.

We launched the first set of collection earlier today. No, we don’t have any specific collection name. I feel like I have to share it with you guys, since this blog has been a big part of my life and you guys have been an amazing reader through all those years. Again, thank you for the support and everything else!

Go to our instagram page @hello.lole to see the full collection details. Kindly email us at or contact us through our official LINE account @vau4759l for any inquiries. Thank you guys! Every comments and suggestions are welcome!


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