A New Beginning

11:54 PM

Earlier today, I officially graduated from my University. After a long and tiring 5 years of professional degree plus 3,5 years of undergraduate degree, I finally did it.

I cannot thank Lord enough for this blessing. Yes, I count this as a blessing because honestly I don’t think I could ever be in this stage. Though to think about it again, after all the tears that He put me through, this was more like a reward from Him. Anyway, thank you Lord.

To all my fellow friends who have fallen last Friday. You have every right to cry, you have every reason to feel the world against you. I’ll share my shoulder for you to cry on tonight. Though the world may seems like crushing down and your faith in everything starting to fade, believe me it happens for a reason. This may sound like sh*t but trust me God never give what you want, but He give what best for you. Cry as much as you want and whine as much as you want tonight. Promise me, tomorrow you will fight harder than before. I will always be by your side through this. I believe in you guys.

To all my fellow friends who were graduated with me today, congratulations. We deserve it. We had our own story to get to this day. All the tears and drama, all the pain and anger. We had our own reason to do this. Nevertheless, be proud of yourself cause you finally done something that you started years ago. So congratulations.

And here is a cheer to all of us.

For every sleepless night and bottomless coffee cups. For every tears in between our fight and struggle. For every pray that came from our mouth and heart. For starting this all together and also finishing it together.

May this thing never happen again.


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