A Quick Little Update

10:52 PM

I know I know. I haven't write anything on February and this only means that I've been a really bad blogger for these past months. Therefore I really am sorry.

I've been very busy with my life, especially with everything that just happened last February. The requirements in my dentistry co-assistant program are killing me. I really need to finish this whole thing soon. Working part time at my aunt's clinic was exhausting too. I've been constantly going back home around 10PM everyday. Even I passed out one day. Seriously. Then there is scuba diving lesson that I took and somehow addicting and I can't stop myself for not practicing every Saturday. Will let you know about it soon. And there are still lots of things going on last February that made me hard to spare some time and write a new post.

But what matter the most was I managed to escape my busy life a while by going on a quick trip to Pulau Pramuka. Well ... it was some sort of a mandatory exam trip for the scuba license though. However I'm uberly happy for escaping my busy life even for just a couple days. Oh! I will have a special post about this trip, soon.

Well I guess that's it. A quick little update about my hectic life. And hereby I promise to write more often even when I'm extra busy with my life.

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