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10:35 AM

Then after those big feast, we were looking for some sweets and probably some cup of coffee for our palate. So we headed to Menteng area, Loteng Cikini to be exact. Located right above the Tjikini Cafe, it was kinda hard to find this place when you're not familiar with this place. Just remember the tiny blue door with a gold writing on the glass. You'll probably thought that this place was tiny from the outside but on the inside it was rather huge, I must say.

The cafe brings an old vintage feeling to me somehow. I'm not sure why but it feels cool and scary at the same time. We ordered their Pannacotta, Baba au Rum, Strawberry Punch, Nutella Iced Coffee, Milkshake Oreo, Ice Caffe Latte, Sunset, Ice Coffee and Cappucino to accompany us talking all afternoon.

I can't say much about the drinks that we ordered that day since some of it was my friend's order. I ordered the Strawberry Punch and it was just some ordinary strawberry punch, that's all nothing more. Oh by the way it took more than 30 minute for my drinks to come out from the kitchen. I don't understand why. They probably harvest the strawberry on their garden before they serve my drink.

As for the pannacotta, it has the perfect level of sweetness. It was smooth and silky and they sprinkle some kind of apple/pear slices on top of the pannacotta. This little trick made the pannacotta even more delicious since our taste bud play along with the texture given. I quite like it. After all a cup of pannacotta never can go wrong, aye?

Last but not least, the spectacular Baba au Rum. Hands down to the dessert of the day, in my opinion. This dish was some sort of beignets filled with some rum flavored custard, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I'm in heaven, I'm in love! I definitely will come back for this particular dish. Even we order it twice! We just can't get enough of it.

In the end, since it all comes to taste, I will recommend this place for their Baba au Rum but not the Strawberry Punch that somehow took so long to come out. As for the main course, I have to come back to try it. Or maybe if you have any interesting stories about their main course, please let me know!


Loteng Tjikini
Jl. Cikini Raya no 15
Menteng, Jakarta
(+62) 21 297 04 981 ext 252

Food          : 3,5/5
Ambiance  : 3/5
Price          : 3/5
Service      : 2,5/5

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