The Always Good Umaku

11:19 PM

Confused. We don't know where else to go since all of us were more like go-with-the-flow person. As one of our fellow foodies suggest us to go to a sushi restaurant, we asked the driver to drive us there. Where? We went to Umaku Sushi Resto in Mampang this time. If you have a hard time looking for this place, just remember the entrance to this restaurant is located right behind the Indomaret building. Like literally behind it.

Being the fourth stop of the day, I was planning to have something light. I was looking for something new too from Umaku since I eat at Umaku's another branch (the one in Tebet, read the review here) almost everyweek. My eyes stopped at Hana Roll with a new sign on the side. While my friends order the Sake (salmon) Aburi, Sake (salmon) Salad, Volcano Roll and some maki platter.

I honestly don't know what was inside the Hana Roll. All I can say it was good but not something over the top more like mediocre, I still like though. I tried my friend's sake salad. I love the dressing given on top of this salad, generous and perfect level of acidity to balance the bland and salty taste of sake. The highlight of the day was the sake aburi. The sake aburi was a grilled salmon sushi poured with some kind of sauce on top of it. I didn't try it but my friends seems really really like it. Well this is just another reason for me to come back and try it by myself.

Before I run and leave you here, here's a pictures of my foodie friends and I after the glorious sushi time. Mind our chubby cheeks since ... well .. you know. It's our fourth stop of the day. Fat and we love it :)


Umaku Sushi Resto
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya no 32
Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta
(+62) 21 990 94 288

Food          : 3,5/5
Ambiance  : 3/5
Price          : 3/5
Service      : 3/5

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