Coffee Galore

7:12 PM

Well after two big meals in a row, I think we need another coffee break. After a long discussion we decided to go to Goni Coffee at Kemang. Unfortunately the moment we arrived there, it was the moment when the barista turned off the coffee machine. Sad. Still figuring out where else to go, one of my fellow foodies suggested to go to Honey & Me. The still-considered new and apparently hip place for youngsters in Wijaya. So there we are heading straight to Honey and Me at Wijaya.

This Honey & Me was quite big from the outside. They also have a super cute outdoor seating area that made me feel like I'm going to die of cuteness just by seeing it. The restaurant was divided to smoking and non-smoking area without any separator in between so when the smoking area was all smokey, people who sit on the non-smoking area still can smell the smoke and this made me uncomfortable. I sat on the non-smoking area for some reason, you know? Why the hell they divide the area if the smoke still can be smell from across the room?

We ordered a cup of hot Cappucino, Hazelnut Latte, Ice Cafe Mocha and Tiramisu. There is another coffee that my friends order but I forgot what was the name of it. My coffee that night was the Hazelnut Latte. Okay, I'm not a huge fan of coffee nor I understood the art of coffee-o-logy but to me this particular Hazelnut Latte was not a coffee at all. I can hardly taste the coffee in it, too much milk I guess. Not to mention it took them more than 30 minutes to made my coffee. Like seriously what's wrong with me and my order that day? I always wait more longer for my foods than my friends.

The tiramisu was nice although it was way too small for the six of us. The mascarpone cream was yummy all the way and the lady finger has the perfect coffee flavor and moist texture. Oh! I love the smell of the coffee from this tiramisu too. Not too coffee-ish but still awesome and most importantly delicious.

I didn't try the coffee that my friends order. But their comment was good and they pretty like the coffee served here. Well maybe I was just unlucky with my Hazelnut Latte. In the end, despite the long waiting time, I probably will come back here to try the main course and other desserts. I heard that they served a good breakfast choices too.


Honey & Me
Jl. Wijaya IX no 4A
Melawai, Jakarta
(+62) 21 739 7435

Food          : 3/5
Ambiance  : 3/5
Price          : 3/5
Service      : 2/5

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