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I would like to say thank you to Zomato Indonesia for inviting me to another Zomato Meet Up on Saturday 23rd of May 2015 at Black House Senopati. It was always good to meet another foodies and share the same passion as I do. After all expanding your network never can go wrong, right?

Black House is located at Cililin Raya, Senopati. Actually it was a house later turned into a spectacular restaurant. I really do mean it when I said spectacular. Why? Because turns out every storey has a different theme with a special menu too. Unique isn't it? Before I begin to tell you about it, please mind the dark and blurry pictures as I was too lazy too edit the pictures. So let's begin ...

Black House has 4 storey to be exact and also a mini store that sells shirts and stuffs, a beauty salon and a vape area. Each storey has different theme and they also provide special menu in each area which can't be ordered in other area.

Starting from the first floor was the coffee area, books area and boutique area. In this floor they also have a mini store that sells shirts and stuff called Inksomnia. I'm not a big fan of this area since it was dark and it was kinda hard to take a good pictures. For me the ambiance in this particular floor was more suitable to hang out with family and friends for a big event like a mini reunion or an 'arisan'.

Moving on to the 2nd floor, the candy area and flower area. Now this is something that I really love, something flowery and something sweets in every corner. It brings up a girly girl feeling and it is really perfect for a girls night out. Even though the lighting was still a little bit dark and gloomy but this floor has a better lighting for taking pictures. Oh they also have a small but GORGEOUS beauty salon here in the 2nd storey. I will make a special post about this beautiful salon later because one post just doesn't enough.

The 3rd floor was more manly and masculine as they set up a music area and also a vape area. For you who doesn't know what vape is, it's a electric smoke that seems like trending nowadays. Despite the fact that this place was so dark and it was freakin' hard to take those damn pictures here, I really love the music decorations in this floor. The PR of Black House told us that it was all the owner's private collections. To the owner of Black House, whoever you are, I love your music taste man!

Last but definitely not least, the heaven area which is located at the 4th floor. When I arrived at the Black House, I was wondering why it was called the heaven area. As soon as I enter the 4th floor, I know why it is called the heaven area. It was a mini rooftop area with a British decoration in each corner and I'm sold. This is my most favorite area among the others. I love how they have this magnificent SCBD scenic up there. I personally thought that this particular area is perfect for a date night because somehow it feels so romantic up there.

Enough already with the decorations and everything now let's move on to my favorite part, FOOD. I ordered the Chocolate at Tiffany. I forgot what was the exact ingredients in it but it was more like a chocolate milkshake topped with a whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top. It has the perfect chocolate flavor for a drink and not too sweet like any other milkshake.

We were served with Chicken Quesadillas and Chili Fries as our appetizers. I like the chicken quesadillas for it has this unique flavor that I never taste before. The shredded chicken, cheese and grilled onion blends together and so yummy. But all hands up to the Chili Fries as it was so freakin' good I almost die of it. It was a plate of fries topped with ground beef sauce and melted cheese. The chili sauce has a good beefy flavor and seasoned perfectly as well. After all who can resist a nice fries? Uhm by the way, can I have some more please?

As for the main course we had a Spinach Stuffed Chicken. It was a chicken stuffed with spinach and corn smothered with alfredo sauce and fries. Although the chicken was juicy and very delicious with the stuffing inside, I'm not keen into this dish because of the thick alfredo sauce. Well ... I'm not a big fan of alfredo sauce after all.

The other main course was Black House Rice Bowl. It's a simple rice bowl topped with beef patty, spinach, sweet corn and omelette. This one was yumm too. I love the beef patty on top of it but to me it wasn't something over the top. Still delicious tho'.

The star of the night was the Asian Fried Noodle. It was a fried noodle in asian style seasoning served with chicken katsu and a beautiful sunny side up egg. I really really really love the noodle. It has this unique flavor that I never found nor taste in a noodle before. I tried to guess the seasoning but I end up wrong and embarassing myself. I would definitely come back and eat this dish again and again and again and again and *faint* .......

I thought the food couldn't go any better but turns out it did. They served us with a beautiful two tiers of chocolate desserts. The one on top was Ugly Nutella and the one on the bottom was Black Milo. The Ugly Nutella was a pure chocolate cake without any flour in it. It was a rich and very dense chocolate cake. I love the fact of how rich the chocolate was. As for the Black Milo, it was a buttermilk cookies drawn in rich and cream dark chocolate cream. It has this unique taste, chewy from the chocolate cream and crunchy texture from the buttermilk biscuit in one bite. A new eating experience that I never taste before. Even though it was a little sweet for me, I still love this one better than the Ugly Nutella.

I can't say thank you enough to the Black House for the great hospitality and AMAZING food. Will I come back for some more? Of course, I will! After all I still can't move on from that Asian Fried Noodle and Black Milo.


Black House
Jl. Cililin Raya No 3
Senopati, Jakarta
(+62) 21 297 04 981 ext 232

Food          : 4/5
Ambiance  : 3,5/5
Price          : 3,5/5
Service      : 4/5

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  1. hai kak janiiii ini caca hehe aku juga baru post ttg Black House, next time meet up lagi ya kakkk!


    1. hi caca! aku udah baca post kamu .. jadi pengen ngumpul2 lagi nih hihihiii. good luck on theblogging world :)