[Banyuwangi] Pulau Menjangan & Pulau Tabuhan

5:33 PM

One of the best thing about Banyuwangi is how close they are with Bali. So since we got plenty of time before our hiking time, we decided to go to the Pulau Menjangan for a quick snorkeling and a doze of vitamin sea.

There are two tourist port around Banyuwangi Area, from Watu Dodol and Bangsring Beach. My tour guide took us to the Bangsring Beach because it has another attraction, the Rumah Apung Bangsring. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to visit Rumah Apung Bangsring due to the heavy rain. Well, I just have to come back again someday.

To explore the Menjangan Island, you need to rent a wooden boat from a local tour. If I’m not mistaken, my tour that day name is Bunder Bangsring Underwater. It cost us about IDR 1.550.000 for a boat with maximum capacity of 8 grown up (exclude boat captain, boat crew and a guide).

Picture by Khalista D. I.

They will take youo to two island (Pulau Menjangan and Pulau Tabuhan) and also three snorkeling spots. We also get a snorkeling gear, lunch and a box of mineral water. They also provide GoPro (for taking underwater pictures) for rent for IDR 150.000 each and you have to deposit your ID for borrowing them.

Picture by Khalista D. I.

I find the Bunder tour is quite satisfying. Our captain and his crew took us to the island to take pictures there and beautiful spots for snorkeling. The guide was also very kind and patient to us. He helps us with the photo taking, the snorkeling and even took some video of us underwater. Look how blue the water was.

To be honest, there is nothing much to do. We just hop from one island to another and do some snorkeling in between. But if you are a sea lover like me, I really recommend you to do this the next time you visit Banyuwangi. Why? Because those two islands was very beautiful and it was nice place to chill and enjoy the moment.


Top tips for Pulau Menjangan:
  1. Double check your snorkeling package. My snorkeling package is not included a pair of swimming fin. I have to rent a pair of swimming fin for IDR 15.000 each.
  2. Wear tons of sunblock. The sun was pretty intense. I already used 50 SPF sunblock and top it up every hour, but my skin still get sunburned.
  3. Use a long sleeve swimwear. There was a lot of baby jellyfishes at my snorkeling spot. Better to use a long sleeve swimwear so you can avoid the itchiness caused by the jellyfishes.
  4. Bring a waterproof bag. Or use a double plastic to secure all of your belongings. You don’t want your phone end up being wet, do you?
  5. Put a tiny bit of shampoo on the inside glass of your snorkel mask. Scrub the whole area, leave about a minute or two, and then rinse it clean. Why? You are not trained to breathe through your mouth, so your snorkel mask will easily get cloudy when you are snorkeling. This is a trick that I learned from doing scuba diving. That way your snorkel mask will not easily get cloudy.

Bunder Bangsring Underwater
Pantai Bangsring
Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi
East Java, Indonesia
(+62) 812-3351-548

Opening hours : 7 AM – 6 PM

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