Postcards From Banyuwangi

1:10 PM

Have I told you about my crazy ass friends that I met in senior high school? Well, they weren’t so important to be honest (LOL). I know we’ve been friends since senior high school but will you believe me that we never go out together for a holiday?

Well organizing schedule for seven people who has their own business is really hard to do. But somehow, we managed to get together on New Year and decided to go on a quick getaway to Banyuwangi. What are we doing in Banyuwangi? We went to the Baluran National Park, Menjangan Island and last but not least Mount Ijen. Please note that none of us has never hike a mountain before. Ever.

How was Banyuwangi? Beautiful! I will tell you all the details in another post later. I’m still recovering as my feet hurt like hell and my body feels like I just got hit by a train. What can I say? I was crazy enough to push myself hike a mountain, even though I am not a fit kind of person. As for now, I will leave you with some pictures that I have taken in Banyuwangi. Enjoy!

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