[Singapore] Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams World Tour 2017

12:55 PM

Yes, in the middle of the hectic life between work and university, I somehow managed to attend Coldplay’s ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ World Tour. Even up until now, I still can’t believe that I came to their concert. And now, I am gladly sharing all of the experience with you guys. However before we start, I need to warn you that this post is going to be full of ‘lebay’ awesomeness.

I’ve been a fan of Coldplay since I was 15. I don’t really remember my first Coldplay song, but ‘The Scientist’ has always etched in my mind. And then the list goes on with ‘Fix You’, ‘in My Place’ and on top of that is ‘Yellow’. I won’t say I’m a big fan or something. I didn’t know all of their songs nor got all of their albums. But to me Coldplay is different.

Their first single was released at 1998 (well I was only 6 years old by then). So it is almost 20 years for them to produce music from one era to another. Surviving the rough music industry after all those years is just something you should appreciate. They are not afraid to change. I found that through these 20 years of music, their music range is so wide. I can see people listen to them from different genders, age, class, etc. Maybe that’s why they last for 20 years.

Okay, enough with the blabbering. Let’s get to the concert details.

I got the seated ticket (CAT 2, I think) on 1st of April 2017. I was planning to buy the standing ticket, but it was sold out right after my friend purchase hers. A little bragging here, I got the ticket on the same day it was sold (which was sold out just within an hour).

A couple of days before the concert, my friend got a notice from Sportshub, saying that the queue starts at 11AM for the standing ticket holder. For your information, all gate is opened at 6.30PM. It was such a waste of time but if I got the standing ticket, I wouldn’t mind at all waiting for Coldplay that long. As for the seated ticket holder, you can come anytime you want.

We are queuing based on the gate written on our ticket. My gate line had a bit of problem, as the committee somehow get in a few people who just got there and ignore the people who already in the line since the afternoon. It got a bit chaotic for about 10-15 minutes, but after that everything went well.

We were given the Xylobands after the ticket check. Xylobands are wristbands that contain light-emitting diodes and radio frequency receivers. The lights inside the wristband can be controlled by a software program, which sends signals to the wristband, instructing it to light up or blink. Sadly the Xyloband need to be returned after the show. Well it doesn’t do anything after the show though.

The opening act starts at 7PM sharp. It was about 30-45 minutes and then, everything felt surreal for me.

They opened the concert with ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ (obviously). I don’t really remember everything that happened that night. All I know is I cried when the first note came out. And also at the beginning of every song. And also at the ending of every song. Well, technically every time. LOL.

Other people that sat around me seems doesn’t as excited as I did. They were just sitting and singing from their seats. Meanwhile I spent my night jumping and dancing all around even though I was in the seated area. I was like, why aren’t you guys dance along?

To be honest, I don’t really remember the exact thing that happened during the concert. I probably enjoyed the concert too much, that all I can remember is just everything was so amazing. Other than amazing fireworks and laser used in the concert, all I can remember is that every song got their own ‘color’. The Xylobands light up the whole stadium in a most beautiful yet dramatic way. Like when the band played ‘Yellow’, the Xylobands went yellow and I got goosebumps all over my body.

The bands play so well that night, however I gotta give Chris Martin a special standing ovation. He run across the stage, he jumped, he sit down, he lay back, he did everything he could but his voice is still amazing. Not a single note missed and not looking tired at all. He and the band did it effortlessly, makes me love them more and more.

Not a single doubt has crossed my mind that A Head Full of Dreams is definitely THE BEST concert ever. It was one hell of an amazing night that you could never be missed. I personally thank Coldplay for putting such a wonderful show that made me fall in love with them all over again.

Well, here is to another 20 years of a head full of dreams.

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