[Singapore] Mischief Managed in Platform 1094

3:18 PM

All aboard!

Welcome to the Platform 9 ¾ 1094, a themed café based on the Harry Potter series. Actually Platform 1094 was not in my Singapore trip itinerary. But this place magically popped up in my instagram explore page and I suddenly have this urge feeling that I need to visit this place. So I texted my cousins and asked her to accompany me, since all of my friends is already on the line for the Coldplay concert.

Located in the 1094 Serangoon Road (hence the name), Platform 1094 is small cafe where you can come and dressed in robes, wave your magic wand and no one’s gonna judge you. We all crave for a little magic in our lives. Which is why Platform 1094 is packed with people when I came. The interior takes a warm shades with brown color all over the place. The floors are made of wood, the walls are tiled bricks, wooden tables and beautiful chandelier which made me instantly feel like I’m in a different realm. To me, they have successfully captured and delivered the magic atmosphere. But the most amazing thing (in terms of the interior) is the deer designs chairs. A nod to Harry’s patronus, I see.

After hours of looking through the potions book menu, my cousins and I decided to order the Truflle Fries, Mr. Lich’s Flaming Brew, Mrs. Lich’s Butterscotch Ale and Bloodberry. We didn’t order much food, since we both already eat before I came here. And so the magical culinary journey begins (insert Harry Potter theme song here).

The Truffle Fries (SGD 10) is a simple french fries drizzled with truffle oil on top of it and some mayonnaise on the sides. I think this is a good choice for a quick bites. Not like any other truffle fries I have tried before, this one is the bomb. The fries is cooked perfectly. It was crispy on the outside yet so fluffy on the inside. I think they drizzle the truffle oil quite generously since you really can smell and taste the truffle. I really love this one! Even I was thinking to order some more.

I came here for the Mr. Lich’s Flaming Brew (contains alcohol) or should I say the Goblet of Fire. Claimed to be the platform’s secret recipe, I squeak in full of excitement when the drink arrived at my table. The set up for the drinks is done right in your table. The Bacardi is put into the Blue Curacao liquor and ignited with a blowtorch. Shake the cinnamon powder to see the flames rises, swirls up and dancing in front of your eyes.

To be honest I don’t really like the drinks. We were trying so hard to make the flames big enough to be captured by the camera and we end up pouring the cinnamon powder too much. All I can taste from the drinks was just cinnamon. Yeah, we were trying that hard to make the potion work. Snape and Slughorn will be disappointed with us. However, at SGD 15 per drinks, I would say this is a very good deal. Since most of basic cocktails usually priced around SGD 20 to SGD 25, right?

The Mrs. Lich’s Butterscotch Ale is probably their own creation of butterbeer, the most famous drinks in the wizarding world. I can’t compare it to the one in the Universal Studio since I haven’t tried one (anyone be kind enough to fly me there?), but this one is super comforting. The drinks taste like a cream soda with a butterscotch taste like (and a hint of toffee, I guess). And also topped with creamy foam that reminds of vanilla ice cream. With only SGD 10 per cup, you really should order this. And I gotta warn you, a cup is not enough.

And last but definitely not least, a beautiful plated desserts named Bloodberry (contains alcohol). For about SGD 18, you’ll get a plate filled with Hoegaarden Rosee mousse and yoghurt parfait in chocolate pot shell, macaroon sticks, compressed plum, berry foam, honey caviar, dark and white chocolate soil, assorted berries and chocolate decorations in wand form.

At first I thought the desserts was very expensive. As the desserts came to our table, I know why it was a little bit expensive. The desserts turns out to be an artisan desserts and came almost too beautiful to be eaten. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very decent. All of the chocolate instantly melt in your mouth as it touch your tongue. The mousse was very light and smooth, the honey caviar brings a funny different texture to the desserts, the berry has a sour taste that complete the whole desserts experience. Overall it was a nice high-end desserts. Not to mention it was instagram worthy too!

In conclusion, Platform 1094 is a very fun place to be at. The food and drinks are fascinating and pretty decent with a very reasonable price. I definitely will come back to try the mains. Until then...


(Sorry, I can’t help not writing that down)


Platform 1094
1094 Serangoon Road
Singapore, 328192

Opening hours:
11AM – 10PM (Tuesday to Friday)
10AM – 11PM (Saturday to Sunday)
Closed on Mondays

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 4/5

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