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My trip to Singapore a couple weeks ago was very low on budget. I don’t have much money by then but I still want to make the most out of my trip to Singapore. After reading through tons of articles on the internet, I found out that Singapore has lots of FREE entertainment for a low budget traveler like me. And after hours of searching, turns out Sentosa Island, one of the most popular and considered expensive tourist attraction, offers lots of FREE entertainment also.

I gotta thank the Sentosa Island team for having an amazing website. The information given on the website was clear, complete and very helpful. I even arrange my Sentosa Island trip using their planner apps. After having a few back and forth discussion with my friends, we finally set the Sentosa Island itinerary just a few weeks before our flight.

And so my low budget adventure begins.

Disclaimer: the numbering on the list doesn’t mean it is the best or whatsoever.
It is just the number of the first to the very last attraction that I visited.

1. Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Southernmost Point of Continental Asia is a small island, located at the southern part of Sentosa Island. The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia is supposed to be some kind of geographic phenomenon. However, I don’t think that this is the real Southernmost Point of Continental Asia though. The island is connected to the mainland with a beautiful suspension boardwalk. It has two viewing tower with a wooden bridge in between.

It offers the view of Sentosa Island coast, some ships and endless view of the South China Sea. I went there around 1PM and it was freaking hot! However I find this place quite calming since you can sit down, relaxing, cooling off yourself after a exploring the Sentosa Island. You can get a quiet evening walk along the coast.

Southernmost Point of Continental Asia
Palawan Beach
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening hours: 24/7

2. Palawan Beach

To be fair there are a few beaches on Sentosa Island. The Palawan Beach happens to be located right on the same location with Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.

Palawan Beach is great for taking an afternoon stroll with your family and friends, hanging out or even sun bathing. It has beautiful white sands and clear blue colored ocean. I instantly fall in love with this beach as it somehow makes you want to get in immediately.

Palawan Beach
Palawan Beach
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening hours: 24/7

3. Animal & Bird Encounter

Located right across the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia, Animal & Bird Encounter offer you an up close animal experience. They have three spots for the show. A mini stage where you can get close to the animal, the bird aviary which filled with tons of beautiful birds and an amphitheater where main show usually happens. They have different show every hour, however the show may be cancelled due to the bad weather.

We missed the ‘Bird Encounters’ show at the amphitheater. However we managed to catch the ‘Close Encounters’ show at the mini stage which adjacent to the bird aviary. I was expecting to see some bird, monkey or any other animal (just please not snake). But then, the show was showing a Siberian Husky. I knew some other people was a bit upset with it. They probably expecting some other animal but it was just a dog, I felt the same way. But in the end I don’t mind because Mako (the name of the husky) was the sweetest dog I ever seen.

I haven’t check if whether the dog is the regular show or the other animal was just not ready by that time. Will check and update you guys later.

Animal & Bird Encounter
Palawan Beach
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening hours: daily programmes from 2PM to 5.30PM

4. Fort Siloso Skywalk

Fort Siloso Skywalk is a walkways in the sky that give you aerial views and beautiful scenery of Sentosa. The Fort Siloso Skywalk stands at 11 story high and accessible through both stairs and lifts. Along the trail, you can enjoy the treetops, sea and Singapore city on the other side.

There are a few rest stops where you can read up Singapore’s defense history. And by the end of the bridge, there is some sort of canon statue. From what I read online, there supposed to be a military museum and show by the end of the bridge. But my friends and I didn’t check it since it was already almost 5 and we are planning to go to somewhere else.

Fort Siloso Skywalk
Siloso Beach
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening hours: lift operation hours - 9AM to 7PM
*Guest still can access the skywalk through stairs near lift lobby

5. Crane Dance
Actually I didn’t see The Crane Dance show last week. I watched The Crane Dance a couple years ago, when I came here with my grandparents. However since it was free, located in Sentosa, I’ve seen it before and I personally love it, I really recommend you to see this one.

image source: click here
The show is a combination of robot gigantic crane, waterworks and fireworks combined as one. The show was beautifully done, even though I was a bit confused about the story at the beginning. From what I read online, it was a story about two crane that fell in love with each other. Hence the blue and pink led color around the robotic crane. Even with all of the confusion about the story, I felt happy to watch such a beautiful show. The combination of waterworks and lighting makes it feel more alive. Not to mention closing it with an amazing fireworks display. To be honest, it felt magical.

Anyway, please make sure you come early to get the best seat on the house. Since this show is free of charge, it will mostly packed with lots of people.

Crane Dance
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening hours: 8PM with a 10 min show daily


Cable car station at Siloso Beach
Top tips for Sentosa:
  1. Plan it all out days before. Check what you want to see, how to get to the attractions, figure out where you want to eat. Especially when you are on a low budget trip like I did. It helps you a lot to get the best out of your trip to Sentosa.
  2. Wear sunblock. You can really feel the sun burning your skin. I really recommend you to wear lots of sunblock since the beach area usually don’t have much trees around. Just make sure your skin is well protected.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. The bottled water price is as high as SGD 2.80. You can bring your own water bottle and fill it up with a tap water in any place since Singapore’s tap water is safe to consume.
  4. Bring a sunglasses. Other than it will make you look good, it will make you see easily too. I even regret for not wearing it, because the sun is really intense and at some point, it made you hard to see around.


Sentosa Island

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