[Singapore] Egg-citing Food, Egg-citing Place

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Themed cafe is being a current trend in Singapore. Gudetama is currently one of the hippest place in terms of themed cafe. I have read quite a few good review about this place. It has great food, cute place, nice ambiance, and amazing service. All these good review make my expectations so high about this place, but will it exceeded my expectations?

If you don’t familiar with the words Gudetama, it is one of Sanrio’s character and quite possibly the current most popular. This character is deemed the lazy egg and has been a popular phenomenon in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

My friends and I came here around 10 or 11 AM, the perfect time for brunch. When we arrived, there were no lines at all. But right after we got our seats, the lines are begin to form. The interior was very lovely. It felt like I was in some kind of eggy playground. There are cozy egg booth, egg capsule chairs, egg posters, etc. They really do pay close attention to the smallest detail. Even the tissue has Gudetama all over it.

They also have desserts display near the main entrance area. And of course, the desserts resembles the Gudetama character very much.

We looked through the menu book and instantly fell in love with all it. All of the food presented in the cutest possible way. I remember I was being crazy trying to order every single thing in the menu. But considering the price was pretty expensive for a budget traveler like we did, we decided to order a few menu and share it. We ended up ordering “I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Shoyu Ramen and Gude Pudding.

The “I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict cost us about SGD 26.90. It was a pan filled with two poached eggs wrapped with a generous amount of smoked salmon, over a mashed avocado on a toast drizzled with hollandaise sauce. It was also served with seasonal greens, sautéed mushrooms and tater tots (hell yeah tater tots!).

I’m loving everything about this dish! The egg was runny and yumm, the smoked salmon was given very generously, the toast and the tater tots adds a new textures to the dish, the greens and mushrooms was seasoned perfectly and the hollandaise sauce complete it all. The only thing I hate is the mashed avocado that taste a bit bitter and kinda ruined it. But it was still a perfect choice for brunch.

If you though the Shoyu Ramen (SGD 21.50) is some kind of savory dish, you are absolutely wrong. It is a chocolate mousse cake topped with chestnut Mont Blanc, earl grey jelly and orange tuille. Also served on the side is some pannacotta with sweetened rose tea. I also taste something kinda crumbly and nutty but not sure what it is.

I kinda like how rich the chocolate taste was. The nuttiness from the crumbs brings a new flavor to it. However, I’m not a big fan of it. It was too big and too dense, it made you feel full after one or two spoons. Do eat the pannacotta and sweetened rose tea after you finish with your cake. It has the perfect smooth and silky texture, it freshen up your palate after those densy (is that even a word?) chocolate cake.

The final dish was Gude Pudding, and yes it was another desserts. With a SGD 16.90, you’ll get a caramel flan, vanilla soft serve, caramelized bananas, apple crumble and crispy orange tuille. This is my personal favorite! Not because I’m a sweet tooth kind of person, but because it was that good.

The caramel flan was wobbly and soft, the apple crumble was crispy and has a perfect sourness, the caramelized bananas was perfect and mixed with vanilla ice cream. I think I already died and lived in a heaven full of desserts! I love every single thing about it. Everything goes perfectly well without overpowering one another. I was kinda doubting about this desserts, since the other table doesn’t seems really enjoyed it. But hey! If you don’t like it, just pass it to my table because I can’t get enough.

So was Gudetama Café exceeded my expectations? In some ways, yes. Two out of three food that I ordered was taste nice. The interior was super cute and insta-worthy, the service was quite good. The only thing that burden me, is the food price. I was lucky I can try three dishes because I was sharing it with my friends. Imagine if I eat there alone. I don’t think paying that much for one meal is not really worth my money, even when it was that good. But then again, this is my first visit to a themed café. Maybe most of themed café price is as high as this one.

Will I come back? Maybe. Even if I do, I have to bring some friends to split the bill again.


Gudetama Café
Suntec City Mall #01-61
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore, 038983

Opening hours:
9AM – 10PM (Monday to Thursday)
8AM – 10PM (Friday to Sunday)

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Service: 4/5

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