[Bandung] Alun-alun Bandung

12:22 AM

I’m a frequent traveler to Bandung, since my grandmother from my father side live there. But I never really visit any tourist attraction in there. There is something about Bandung that made me just want to curl up in my bed all day. Seriously!

For the past few years, Alun-alun Bandung (Bandung city square) has been a huge hit among everyone. It is the first thing you have to see when you are in Bandung. I don’t really get the hype at first, I was hesitating when my aunt took me to the Alun-alun Bandung. I was like ‘is just another city square! What could be special?’. Turns out I was wrong.

Alun-alun Bandung is very different than other city square. They have this huge mosque and also public soon-to-be library. The grass was artificial but somehow inviting you to sit for hours and relax. The garden around the square was very beautiful and in a very good shape. And I noticed, there were no garbage laying around. I was impressed with this one. It’s not a usual sight to see a government public place look as good and clean as this one.

The only thing I hate is the basement that filled with street food vendors that made the basement looks dirty and a little bit smelly. Other than that, I would really recommend you guys to come and enjoy a good relaxing time at the Alun-alun Bandung. In fact, I was thinking to come back here soon!


Alun-Alun Bandung
Jl. Asia Afrika
Balonggede, Bandung
West Java, Indonesia

Opening hours: 24 hours

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