Chill Out a Little Bit [NO LONGER OPERATING]

9:39 PM

[as per JUNE 2015; Kiwami Gandaria City is no longer operating]

Jakarta has been so hot these past few days and I can't stop wondering what could possibly make it much cooler? Suddenly I remember about this cute little space in Gandaria City called Kiwami (right next to Jeans Chilli Chicken and across Bebek Bengil). I heard they have a nice kakigori (shaved ice) to enjoy in a hot sunny day like this. So my cousin and I went there hoping that their kakigori will make us cooler eventhough we know we're already cool :p

We ordered their Melon Kakigori with Vanilla Ice Cream. Their kakigori consist of a huge portion of shaved ice (what else did I expect?), a couples of longan fruit, a few spoonful of red beans and nata de coco, drizzled with melon syrup and condensed milk and a vanilla ice cream on top of it.

Nothing looks special from the presentation of the kakigori thus I didn't expect something special from this one. Considering there are lots of restaurants serving a way much more appealing kakigori than this one. And sadly I was right. Nothing special about this kakigori.

The combination of melon syrup and condensed milk was way too sweet for me. The only good thing was their red beans and vanilla ice cream was yummy. The funny thing was when the shaved ice melted, it becomes some sort of liquid mix of shaved ice, melon syrup, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream. I rather eat it that way because somehow the flavors just feels right.

However this kakigori definitely chill us out a little even it left us with an itchy throat since it was too sweet for both of us. Rumor said that their okonomiyaki is worth to try. I probably will come back to try their okonomiyaki but not for their kakigori.


Gandaria City, Upper Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta

Food         : 3/5
Ambiance : 2/5
Price         : 2/5
Service     : 3/5

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