Healthy Yet Super Yummy

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I always doubt every food that put a 'HEALTHY' words on their menu. Since most of the time I find a healthy food always taste ... well, you know. And for most of the time, they put an unreasonably high price for their food. I'm pissed. Paying that much for something that taste doesn't really good, promising that you're going to be healthier after you eat their food. That's rubbish. Healthy meal won't give any effect to your body unless you consume it daily. And by daily, not just a week or two but a whole month or even a whole year. Maybe that's the reason why I don't really care about my food consumption all these time. To me, as long as it taste good with a reasonable price, I'm happy and I'm okay with that.

But that was until I lost some people due to their unhealthy eating habit and also when my medical check up results comes. Doctor said I have to watch my food since my test results was pretty bad than the last time I did it. I begin to worried. So now I'm on a quest to eat a little more healthy (but still with a reasonably price). And talking about healthy, I was lucky enough to be invited last Sunday on a Blogger Gathering held by Colby's Farm and Gorry Gourmet in collaboration with Foodisme.

The event was held on 18th January 2015 from 2PM to 5PM at Colby's Farm outlet in f(X) Sudirman. It was a closed gathering event. We are all invited to be introduced to the new variant of Colby's Farm Black Bean Milk and also Gorry Gourmet new catering services (coming soon). They also gave a demonstration on how to make a Nana Ice Cream (a healthy ice cream that very popular these past days). On this gathering, they also provide us with some drinks and canapes.

I don't know what the drink was but I really like it. It has this strawberry and lemony taste that balancing each other perfectly. As for the canape, it was more like a banana mousse with graham crackers. How was the taste? AH-mazing! I super duper loving this canape. When I asked the chef what was in it, she said it was made of banana and almond milk but no other dairy such as eggs or dairy milk. I'm impressed! A healthy meal can be this finger-lickin' good. I was intend to grab some more but I was too shy to do it. And now I am full of regret for not having some more. I even beg the chef to made this canape to a regular menu, so I can grab it whenever I want to.

Colby's Farm was initiated by Tantri, Rosi, Jess and Will. Four friends who shared the same passion for a healthy and tasty nut milk. They introduce us to their new variant of nut milk which is Black Bean Milk. This Black Bean Milk was made with black beans, distilled water, forest honey and sea salt. Rumor said that black bean is a source of protein, fiber, minerals, folate and omega 3. Tantri said that this particular nut milk is good for menstrual cramps and menopause.

Rosi and Tantri, explaining about the beginning of Colby's Farm
Colby's Farm new variant, Black Bean Milk

I've tried their almond milk before and it was delicious. Perfect level of creaminess and I can taste the nutty flavor in a good way. But to be honest I don't really like the taste of the black bean milk. I found it too watery, not as creamy as the almond milk. Although I quite like the taste that given by the black bean itself. It has this weird nutty taste but not too nutty but yummy but weird but but but ... well, in conclusion I like it. If only they could make it a little bit creamier like the almond milk, I would love to drink this black bean milk everyday.

Gorry Gourmet itself was a homemade healthy food specialized in pasta. Established in 2013, Gorry Gourmet accommodates concept of "bipolar" menu that offers 2 gourmet options on your table, guilty vs healthy pleasures. The healthy pleasures food calories was under 300kcals! How cool is that? They gave us a Pink Salmon Baked Penne and Breast Chicken Baked Penne in cupcake size. I chose their salmon since the owner really recommend this one. I was surprised since the taste was BEYOND GOOD. Perfectly cooked salmon and penne goes well with the sauce given. I never thought baked penne would be such a great idea. Definitely will try to make something like this at home.

As for their healthy catering services, I don't really get much info about it since I was busy munching here there and everywhere. But all I know is they really committed to do a healthy catering services because all of their menu was validated by a nutritionist. And this services will come really soon.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with what Colby's Farm and Gorry Gourmet offer. Healthy food that comes in a reasonable price and most important, yummy to the last bites. Will I come back and order their food? Definitely. After all it was healthy yet super yummy.


Colby's Farm outlet
f(X) Sudirman LG Floor
Jalan Jendral Sudirman
Sudirman, Jakarta

Food         : 4/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Price         : 4/5
Service     : 4/5

P.S :
- Thanks to Billy Oscar from 'Soal Perut' and Foodisme for inviting me to this event.
- Thanks to Lydia for the family pictures.
- Most of all thanks to Colby's Farm and Gorry Gourmet for everything.

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