Precious Lunch

9:00 PM

It's official that I'm in love with Pancious for not just bringing a delicious pancakes and crepe cakes but also a marvelous savory dish. Yes, marvelous. In this post I will talk about one of their pasta. Please keep in mind that I almost never ordered a pasta in a restaurant unless the waiter/waitress really really recommend it since I always cook pasta for most of the time at my house. And I found that restaurant's pasta was way below my pasta standard (snob). This post might seems over rated, but the food that I'm going to review is really really yumm to me.

I was going to have a meeting at Pancious Senayan City around 1PM a couple days ago. I was planning to have a cup of coffee or tea at the meeting but I arrived there too early and I feel famished. Thus I decided to have have a quick lunch while doing some paperwork. I look up on the menu and suddenly craving for a pasta. I ask the waitress, she recommend either the Beef Carbonara or the Hot Tuna. I was not in the mood for tuna so I decided to go with the Beef Carbonara (IDR 80K). I expect nothing. The pricing was overpriced for me. I just hope that the pasta is good enough and it can fulfill my (always) hungry tummy. To complete my meal that day, I add a glass of Green Apple Ice Tea (IDR 36K).

The restaurant itself was divided by smoking and non smoking room. Comparing to other Pancious outlet, this was not as cozy as the other outlet. But I love the big sofa on the side. Looks cozy and inviting people to come and sit down for a while. Sadly the ambiance was not as cozy as it looks. Located near the food court made it too noisy sometimes.

I was observing the restaurant when the waiter came and bring me my drinks. I like the taste of the ice tea. It was refreshing for a hot day like that day. A perfect balance of sweetness from the ice tea and tangy sourness from the apple blends perfectly with a hint of mint. I think I need to order another one ...

When the pasta came out, it doesn't look appetizing at all. The beef look dry, the carbonara sauce was too slightly given and the pasta was not tempting at all. The only good thing was the pasta was steaming hot. I prepared myself for something ugly or even worse.

First taste of the pasta was ....... YUMMY! The pasta was perfectly cooked just like the way I cooked it at home. The seasoning of the sauce was perfect too, although at first it was too salty in some parts of it. As I stir and mix it together, the seasoning was perfect. I don't even need a 'sambal' to add elevate the flavor. And for the beef, OH MY GOD! I wonder how did they cooked it so perfectly? Tender and juicy and tasty in every bite. Some of the small beef was chewy but still good and I almost faint of happiness. You really really should try it.

And now I can officially say, I'm a HUGE fan of Pancious for their pancakes, crepe cakes and this particular Beef Carbonara dish. The rest of them? Let's just wait until I tried all of their menu.


Senayan City, 5th Floor
Jalan Asia Afrika
Senayan, Jakarta
(+62) 21 727 81 459

Food          : 4/5
Ambiance  : 2,5/5
Price          : 3/5
Service      : 3/5

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