Lole - Collection Number ONE

12:41 PM

To be frank, there is no any inspiration or whatsoever when I designed the clothing for Lole. I must say, there is no story behind it. All we know is we were aiming to do a minimalist and modern look with Lole, we want our collection to be versatile to each piece. We are reaching through every generations, we want you to explore the endless mix and match possibilities with our clothing. But most of all, we want our clothing to be affordable.

On our very first collection, we designed 5 (five) pieces of clothing. A pants, a tops, 2 (two) dresses and an outer.

KOA PANTS is my personal favorite. It is a palazzo pants with a zipper in the front and pockets on each sides. The material that we chose for this pants is similar to wedges. The pants material was very thick yet the pants still very light and very comfortable to wear. They are available in two color, brown and blue. I wear this pants on a daily basis. I mix it with a long sleeve shirts, sabrina tops, jeans shirts, etc.

ANELA DRESS is more like a girly girl kind of dress. It is an a-line short sleeve dress with a simple pleat silhouette in front of the dress and hidden pocket on each sides. Since we are using the chiffon crepe material, the dress is very light and flowy. I would recommend to wear this dress with a flat shoes to create the sweet look. Or if you are not a dress kind of person, just wear it as a tops with a skinny jeans underneath. This dress is available in peach, lavender and tosca color.

LANI DRESS got this modern edgy vibe to it. It is an asymmetrical cut dress with a gold zipper in the front and elastic waist. The linen that we used in this dress is very soft and thin. So no need to worry about the heat when you are wearing this dress. I pick open toe low boots to wear with this dress because it gives me the modern, edgy, cool vibes whenever I’m wearing it. This dress came in white and blue color.

ELEU TOPS is also one of my favorites. It is a combination of satin slip on top with a cotton shirt. It is simple, comfortable and very versatile clothing that I’m very proud of. You can wear it with shorts, skirts, jeans, sarong, cropped pants and even our palazzo pants. It will give you this relaxed flawless look, like you are ready to do anything. This tops is available in light green, light blue and lime color.

And last but not least, ILIMA OUTER. It is a long rectangle shape outer with slits on both sides. I really recommend this outer because it is not just an ordinary outer. ILIMA OUTER is designed to be used in many ways. You can tie the outer on the front, tie it on the back, you can wear it any way you want! Like seriously how cool is that? The outer is available in retro green and beach blue printed pattern.

So there you go, it wasn’t exactly a background story or inspiration behind the design though. But this is what I want to share with you guys. A detailed products and how I would mix and match them all together.

Go to our instagram page @hello.lole to see the full collection details. Kindly email us at or contact us through our official LINE account @vau4759l for any inquiries.

Oh and by the way, since you guys have been an amazing supporters to me, I want to share the good news with you guys first. We are going to have a new collection by mid June. And yes, I’m going to give all of my readers a special discount. Please subscribe, so you’ll know when it is available.


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