Postcards from Singapore

2:39 PM

Went to the Singapore over the weekend, because what mummy wants, mummy gets.

So my mum has been talking about the tulips at Gardens by the Bay over the past few weeks. She knew this from the instagram about a month ago, and been asking me to take her there ever since. And so last weekend we hop on a plane and fly to Singapore. This is my first time taking a holiday alone with my mum. I was worried because I know how fussy my mum can be. Especially when it comes to food and walking.

Took her to Gardens by the Bay, National Orchid Garden, Madame Tussauds and Singapore Philatellic Museum (the last one was what Anjani want, Anjani get. LOL!). I planned it all out, like I always did. However I didn’t really follow the itinerary that I made earlier. I just kinda let it flow, depending on my mum’s mood and energy. The trip went really well and she seems so happy yet sad because our trip has to end. Don’t worry mum, I will take you on another holiday soon :)  

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