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The Singapore Philatelic Museum is a museum about the postal history of Singapore and its stamps. Singapore Philatelic Museum opened on 19th of August 1995 to promote interest in and the appreciation of Singapore’s history and heritage in philately. Besides the permanent galleries, the themes galleries offer a host of changing exhibitions throughout the year.

A few days before my flight to Singapore, I saw a post about Harry Potter exhibition in Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) on my instagram’s explore. Since I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, I beg my mom to check it out. Luckily she agreed and there we are.

Disclaimer: the numbering on the list doesn't mean it is the best or whatsoever.
It is just the number of which I saw first to the very last one.

1. Orange Room


The Orange Room is the first room that located right next to the entrance door. It has the basic information about stamps such as the world’s first stamp and the unusual material of stamp. I love how clear the information given in each area. And also, they have The Simpsons area which I think really cute.

2. Precious Eggs of Art, Beauty and Culture

Exhibition date: 12 April 2017 – 08 October 2017

This room show dozens of beautiful collections of 148 eggs from Liechtenstein National Museum. The egg’s unique form and live giving symbol have inspired artists and craftsmen to create a one of a kind egg.

3. Herritage Room


The Herritage Room located on the 2nd floor, just right on the left side of the staircase. I find this room quite interesting as it shows the story of migrant races who came to Singapore. It also show some herbs and spices that can be found in Singapore, traditional music instruments and Singapore’s traditional clothes.

4. Room of Rarities


This room shows the gems of Singapore philately including the archival of philatelic material from 1800s until today. I didn’t take much pictures in this room since it is prohibited in some parts. But it is so interesting to see such a rare stamps collections.

5. The Singapore Journey: 50 Years Through Stamps

Exhibition date: 21 July 2015 – 11 June 2017

As you all can guess, The Singapore Journey room filled with stories about Singapore. Starting from the growth of the nation, achievements and aspirations. A great way to learn a short version history of Singapore.

6. Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands

Exhibition date: 2 November 2016 – 18 June 2017

YES! This is the Harry Potter exhibition that I've been telling you about. This is the one that made me eager to go there. This room shows tons of Harry Potter stamps from all over the world. From the very first licensed stamps, postcards, limited edition books and even the props replica! The Platform 9 3/4, the Hogwarts Express and even the quidditch field and the broom. Everything in this room is too good to be true for an avid Harry Potter like me. They even have an interactive wand exhibition. How exciting!

7. Chicken and Egg: A Fowl Tale

Exhibition date: 20 January 2017 – 18 June 2017

As a celebration to the year of the rooster, SPM decided to showcase their best collection of chicken stamps. Other than the stamps, they also show some interesting facts about chicken such as the relatives of the chicken (you'll be surprised by this one) and also their uses around the world. This exhibition was quite fun since it has lots of interactive mini games which very suitable for young kids.


I always have a thing for stamps since I was in kindergarten. My father used to collecting stamps and I kinda help him a lot back then, so I really had a good time seeing all of this. Even though the entrance fee was quite expensive (SGD 8 for adult and SGD 6 for kids) for a museum, I really enjoy my visit to the SPM. Since most of the exhibition are a temporary exhibition, I really suggest you to check their website at www.spm.org.sg before visiting.


Singapore Philatelic Museum
23-B Coleman Street
Singapore, 179807

Opening hours: 10 AM TO 7 PM (Everyday)

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