A Bamboo Full of Disappointment

8:31 PM

Who doesn't know about this all you can eat restaurant? Specialized in dimsum, Bamboo Dimsum has grown as one of the cheap but yummy all you can eat restaurant. I find it perfect for those super-hungry-after-a-freakin'-long-day-at-work time. Having so many outlets in Jakarta (almost 10 outlets as far as I know), this time I went to their outlet in Tebet.

Disappoint. That is the only word that perfectly goes with what I had yesterday. I was hoping for a nice good lunch with my brother and what do we got? A dirty table, a slow service and a very rude waitress. Yep. I have nothing to say. I even don't have the mood to take some pictures there. To be honest I just don't think it is worth to take pictures and to be post here. I wrote this just because I don't want any of you experience a service that very disappointing like this one. You really need to know about this.

I always love Bamboo Dimsum for a quick big feast. But this time I got really really speechless. I never been so disappointed by a restaurant before, especially Bamboo Dimsum. Their other outlets were good, I don't know why this particular outlet in Tebet was so disappointing.

I came on the afternoon around 4.30 PM and it was full house. From the outside, I thought the restaurant was bigger than the other outlets. But as I get in there, the inside was kinda crowded. Full of tables and chairs everywhere. I find it hard to walk around. It was hot inside the restaurant too. They didn't turn on the air conditioner. Probably because it was raining outside and the weather was kinda cool. But I honestly feel they really need to turn on the air conditioner. It was full house and it was freakin' hot.

Our table was dirty. It was wet like someone pour a glass of water on top of it and some parts were sticky and oily. Disgusting. But when I look around, other tables were nice and clean. Maybe I was just unlucky? As we sit, the waitress came and explain about the all you can eat menu. She was the most impolite and rude waitress I've ever met. She talk to us in the most sassy way she can be like she doesn't care. I mean come on! I know you've been working all day and super tired but at least put some smile.

On top of that, the kitchen was waaaaaaay too slow for a big restaurant like Bamboo Dimsum. We were there for one and a half hour and spent one hour there just waiting for the food to come out. Luckily I wasn't really hungry that time, otherwise I will explode. I mean it. In the end, my brother and I just walk out and pay (IDR 53K each person). We lost our appetite.

However we tried some of their food. I think it's about 6 to 8 different dish that I don't recall what were their names. To us the food was nice, I repeat just nice. Not that kind of something extraordinary over the top dimsum. But this is dimsum we're talking about. Who can resist the beauty and deliciousness of a dimsum? I love their steamed dimsum by the way. As for the fried one, I find it too oily but still yummy since it was hot, fresh from the frying pan.

I don't know. I can't resist dimsum but this is way too disappointing for me. Either because it was full house or I was just unlucky, I WILL NOT recommend this particular Tebet outlet of Bamboo Dimsum to any of my friend. I don't care what other people say, I will not come back to this place eventhough this place just a few steps away from where I work.


Bamboo Dimsum
Jl. Tebet Raya
Tebet, Jakarta
(+62) 21 458 79 292

Food         : 2.5/5
Ambiance : 1/5
Price         : 1/5 (not worthed at all since it was way too slow)
Service     : 0/5

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