Oat Cake Never Felt So Good

7:23 PM

Most of those hipster healthy food is disappointing. Either it's in the term of their taste or portion and of course price. Sometimes it's just to bland with a huge portion or it comes in an amazing taste but very tiny portion or if it's perfect on the taste and portion, the price was just waaaaaaay over priced. I'm not always put myself in a healthy mode. But when I do, TRF has always been my first choice when it comes to healthy food. This particular Choco Oat Cake with Cacao Nibs is definitely my favorite for a yummy yet healthy treats.

I was looking for my brother birthday cake that day. I prefer a single portion sliced cake since my brother was not a dessert kind of boy (yeah, he didn't enjoy his life). My heart stopped at this cute little chocolate cake at the TRF store display. Without any hesitation, I bought it immediately since it was the last slice. My mind was like 'hey! It was their last piece! It must be that good'

And my mind was right.

Two thick layers of fluffy and moist chocolate cake with chocolate spread in between. On top of the cake there was some chocolate icing and cacao nibs. This cake was perfect for me. The cake somehow has this dense but moist texture that makes you feel full at once. The cake itself was not sweet at all but the icing on the top balance it. They could have put some more cacao nibs on top of it because for me, it was just not enough. Well maybe it was just me, lovin' the cake waaay to much so a slice won't fulfill my (always) hungry tummy.


Plaza Senayan, LG floor
Jl. Asia Afrika 
Senayan, Jakarta
Food         : 4/5
Ambiance : 3/5 (it was more like a mini booth in a foodcourt)
Price         : 3,5/5
Service     : 3/5

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