Ex-steam-mely Disappointing

9:47 PM

What I love about Mie Aceh Rebus is they have this spicy yet strange addictive unique taste in their soup. Some people said it was the 'ganja' effect. I don't know what it is but I surely have a thing for Mie Aceh, especially the 'rebus' one. Sadly in this particular Mie Aceh Rebus Seafood that I ordered today at Mie Atjeh Cupo Ubit, they don't have that.

The dish came with "emping" (crackers), pickled onion and a few slices of cucumber. The soup was pretty much just ordinary and okay. I gave them a good point for giving a generous amount of seafood and noodle. I was eating it when it was raining outside, quite comforting actually. Steamy hot soup in this cold rainy days. Other than that, I probably will not come back for their Mie Aceh Rebus. What I hate the most is the fact that I've tried their Mie Aceh Goreng a couple weeks ago and actually it was quite nice. I don't know why their Mie Aceh Rebus was so disappointing.

Another plus point on their service. The waitress was so kind and helpful. They explained their menu clearly and know every details of it, eventhough sometimes they forgot or mispelled it. I don't mind at all as long as they smile :)


Mie Atjeh Cupo Ubit & Nasi Kebuli Kebon Nanas
Jl. Tebet Raya no 90
Tebet, Jakarta
(+62) 21 837 80 550
(+62) 21 837 80 552

Food         : 3/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Price         : 3/5
Service     : 4/5

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