Historia Histeria

9:24 AM

Everytime I went to Kota Tuas, I always end up with those ordinary street food. There was no quite decent place to sit down, relax, having a cup of coffee, charging all of your gadgets (this is very important these days) and talks all day long with your friends (besides Cafe Batavia, of course). That was until I heard about this place from every social media. Curious curious, I manage to persuade my friend to eat here when we were visiting Kota Tua.

Located at the left side alley of Fatahillah Museum, you will easily spot it as the outside decorations was very cute and eye catching. Some people even come just to take pictures in front of the restaurant. From the outside I thought it would be a small and crowded restaurant and it turns out very spacious and UBER CUTE! I can imagine myself spending all day here. Every single corner of this restaurant are seriously instagenic. I love taking pictures here.

The restaurant divided to a smoking and non-smoking area. I didn't go to the smoking area since the room was full of smoke and I can't stand it. The interior on the non smoking side was lovely. Dominated by woods and big sofa, they built an old, warm and homey feeling to this place. I love the mural on the smoking area, it makes the room feel more alive. The sofa and other furniture were colorful and fun, makes it feel more suitable for the younger souls. Seriously I can sit here all day just having a cup of coffee and enjoying my books.

I ordered their Nasi Keraton (IDR 47K) and Lychee Tea (IDR 20K) that day. Nasi Keraton consist of white rice, egg balado, krecek, urap, orek kecap tempe, chicken in coconut sauce and of course sambal. The Nasi Keraton was not something over the top for me but I'm in love the chicken. The coconut sauce has the perfect level of thickness and amazing flavor. The krecek was also nice too. Not too soggy like any other krecek that I've ever tasted. The urap could use some more seasoning. I find it dry and lack of seasoning. As for the Lychee Tea, well, it was just a lychee tea. Nothing more.

I'm pretty satisfied with Historia. They offer a new place to hang out in Kota Tua, with a young and energetic ambiance but warm and homey. I definitely recommend this place, at least for having a cup of coffee, a good afternoon talks with your friends and got lost in your books. From what I read, every people that has been here recommend their snacks. Well this is just another reason for me to come back and try their foods.


Historia Food & Bar
Taman Fatahillah
Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No 11
Kota, Jakarta
(+62) 21 317 60 555

Food         : 3/5
Ambiance : 4/5
Price         : 3/5
Service     : 2,5/5

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