It Should Be Ten Instead of Nine

10:44 PM

These past days, I noticed Korean food has grown so fast in Jakarta. As far as I concern most of them offer a grill/barbeque dishes in their menu. Offering a Korean shabu-shabu experience in their dinner, Shaboonine caught my attention instantly.

Shabu-shabu always identical to Japanese food. Slices of beef, a handful of vegetables and some udon (japanese thick noodle) in a steaming hot pot of beef stock soup. The Korean shabu was not very much different with that. What makes it different was the noodle and the soup selection.

Located at Upper Ground floor of Gandaria City (next to Piscator), Shaboonine offer a neat and clean interior. I love how they built this semi romantic ambiance with a low lighting and a very cool room separator. The lighting was amazing, by the way. Perfect for taking pictures of your food. Too bad the mood was ruined by the band whom playing outside the restaurant. It was too loud for me since it is located near the music stage.

I went there with my family. As soon as we sit down at our table, we got a complimentary dishes such as baby potatoes, korean pancake and fried 'cakwe' (I don't know the english word of 'cakwe', please seek it by yourself). We ordered their Shaboo9 Special Set that night. It contains assorted vegetables, guksu noodles, fish balls and 140 gr of beef slices. The waiter offer us the soup selection. The ordinary and safe beef stock soup or the special soup that spicy but as it thicken it will become very delicious and too spicy (this is literally what the waiter said). We chose the spicy soup as the waiter recommend. This set came with a special fried rice for 2 person too.

I'm in love with the soup! It has the perfect combination of spicy and sour, so refreshing. Even my brother and I can't stop eating the soup itself. And for the noodles, it is called Guksu Noodles. This guksu noodles was made of wheat. The waiter said Korean people eat it after they finish their meals. Unfortunately I can't wait until the end of my meal to munch those green noodles. The noodles was amazing. I eat it with the soup and it was superb! I tried to eat the noodles just by itself but it was kinda weird since it was cold and very sticky. I don't know how exactly they eat it in  Korea but I prefer to eat it with the soup. As for the fried rice, it was oily and very dry but somehow I really like it. Unfortunately the portion of the fried rice was tiny. I finished mine less than 5 spoonful I guess.

We also order their Fried Spicy Wild Mixed Mushrooms. This mushrooms were addictive! It was crunchy, spicy and sticky in the best way. I can't get enough of it. I almost order for the second plate but my mom stop me. Ugh! Thanks mom :(

Move on to the desserts, I chose their Merry Berry Pingsu for the desserts. It was a shaved ice with strawberry syrup, red bean, strawberry, blueberry and dragon fruit. This pingsu was huge, perfect for sharing. I'm in love with this pingsu, a perfect closing after a big feast.

What made my visit memorable that night was their waiter, mas Erwan. He is the one who took care of our table that night. He is extremely nice and helpful. He know exactly all of the menu and how it taste. He knows how to treat customers. He really is doing his job. I gave Shaboonine a five star in service because of this guy. Like seriously he is the best waiter I've ever met in my life.

I can happily said that I'm extremely satisfied with what Shaboonine offer. A great restaurant, amazing food and also a wonderful service. The minus was just sadly not all of their menu is available that night. For me this is just another reason to come again soon.


Gandaria City, Upper Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta
(+62) 21 292 36 776

Food          : 4/5
Ambiance  : 4/5
Price          : 4/5
Service      : 5/5

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