Billiechick is Not My .......

9:59 AM

I must say I'm a fan of Billiechick. Having an outlet in almost every big mall in Jakarta, this restaurant is worth to try or simply just for having a cup of coffee on the afternoon. They have wide selections of menu, pretty good taste and reasonable price. Sadly I was not a fan of their particular outlet in Pondok Indah Mall.

I came here with my cousin, we were starving to death. We ordered Sapo Tahu Seafood, Beef Teriyaki/Mongolian (forgot the name) and Lychee Ice Tea. As long as I remember, it takes almost an hour for our food to come out. We even almost lost our appetite. The Sapo Tofu that I ordered was not good at all. It need a spoonful of salt and other spices to make it work. Oh yes! The Sapo Tofu wasn't as hot as I expected too. This is way down their standards.

This also happen to the beef dish. The beef was chewy and the rice was ice cold. The only good thing that comes from this dish was the beef seasoned perfectly. Nothing more than that. As for the Lychee Ice Tea, well it's just a Lychee Ice Tea. What else did I expect?

And don't even talk about their services. Most of the waiters/waitresses were indifferent and impolite. I sat near their kitchen's window. When the food came out from the kitchen, the waiter didn't rush to deliver the food to the customer. They were busy chatting and texting all the time. Maybe this is my the food was cold.

All I can say is I fall in love with Billiechick outlet at Gandaria City but not this one.


Pondok Indah Mall 2
South Skywalk, 2nd Floor
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Pondok Indah, Jakarta
(+62) 21 759 20 845

Food          : 2/5
Ambiance  : 2/5
Service       : 1/5
Price          : 2/5

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