Is This How It Feels Like In Hong Kong?

12:38 PM

I've heard people bragging about Hong Kong Cafe so many times. They always said it was yummy, it was nice and it was worthed. So when I heard Hong Kong Cafe finally opened in Gandaria City, I put it on top of my must try list.

I had a late lunch here with my cousin last Monday. It was a small but cozy looking restaurant, by "cozy looking" I mean their interior was so pleasant yet their location was not. Located right next to the exit door and literally side by side with Ta Wan restaurant made it so noisy and so rowdy, ruining the cozy ambiance.

The weird yet fun thing about this restaurant was we write our own order in a small paper they gave to us. It was different than any other restaurant in a big mall like Gandaria City. To me this is a brilliant way. So when the customer complaint about the wrong order, we can show them that they wrote their own order and get away with it.

We ordered a Chicken Chop Pumpkin Sauce Baked Rice, Curry Chicken Chop Nissin Ramen, Fried Prawn Dumpling with Mayonaisse, Steamed Chicken & Prawn Dumpling and some drinks of our own liking. We heard that they are famous for their baked rice and their noodle.

I'm super duper in love with the curry ramen! The curry was so delicious and super yummy all the way to the last slurp. Eventhough I was skeptical about the taste since the presentation was way too different from the picture given (read: hideous), the taste turned out to be the slurpiest curry I've ever tasted. Oh by the way please note that I'm just talking about the curry here because the noodle ... well it was just an ordinary noodle to me. For the baked rice, I forgot to try it since it was my cousins order.

The dumplings was nice too. Both of the steam and the fried dumplings were yummy till the last bite. I love the mayonaise that comes with the fried prawn dumpling. It was different, I never taste that kind of mayonaise before and make me wonder what does this mayo made of?

Overall I like Hong Kong Cafe for their good food at good price. I think is the kind of place to have a long talk with a group of friends or just simply your own me time, eventhough it was kinda noisy. Will I come back for more? Definitely. I need to try their baked rice sooner.


Hong Kong Cafe
Gandaria City, Lower Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta

Food         : 3,5/5
Ambiance : 2,5/5
Price         : 3/5
Service     : 3/5

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