(Supposed To) Turn Your World Upside Down

9:15 PM

I've known Dairy Queen for so long but somehow never really likes it. I remember my first Blizzard was the Oreo Blizzard. It was just another ice cream mixed with crushed oreo for me back then. But what I love the most about it was my heart literally stop as the waitress served my blizzard ice cream upside down. It was amazing for little kid. What an amazing advertising strategy.

When I went to Gandaria City a couple days ago, I received a text message from my mobile phone provider that said "buy 1 get 1 free oreo blizzard at Dairy Queen only for today by redeeming this message". My cousin and I thought, well why not? But since we have to buy a medium blizzard first, we decided to try their Nutella Brownie Blizzard.

First spoonful of their nutella brownie, I was like ... MAN! This is yumm! As I dig deeper and think harder, this ice cream contain nutella in it. For me every single thing that using a nutella in it is absolutely cheating. A nutella can never go wrong. This is cheating, definitely cheating. However this particular Nutella Brownie Blizzard was extremely yum and we can't stop eating it.

As for the Oreo Blizzard, it is still just another ice cream mixed with crushed oreo. But I can taste the ice cream clearly in this one. It was creamy and not too sweet like any other ice cream. Probably that's why they mixed it with something very sweet like oreo, nutella and brownie.

In conclusion, for me blizzard was just another ice cream but definitely amusing for kids since they serve it upside down. They have that 'woah' factor for little kids. If you want to impress your niece or nephew in the easiest way, this is the right choice. As for the taste, I will probably come back when I'm tired of other ice cream in town.


Dairy Queen
Gandaria City, Lower Ground
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta

Food         : 3/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Price         : 4/5
Service     : 3/5

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